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Motivation Encourages a Fulfilling Lifestyle through Black Art Records

Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing and increasingly competitive industries, where trying to make a name for oneself and staying on top can be daunting. Donald Elvin Robinson Jr, however, believes that anyone can have a shot at success as long as they exhibit dedication and commitment to the things they are passionate about.

Best known by his stage name, Motivation, Donald Elvin Robinson Jr. is an African American hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Born in Philadelphia, he had big dreams of starting his own entrepreneurial journey and ultimately thriving in his chosen career. 

He studied business at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania before quitting and choosing to learn about the industry through firsthand experiences. He opted to help manage his father’s company and properties for three to four years and gained more knowledge about what goes on within a business. Then, with his extensive background about the ins and outs of running a successful business, Motivation established his own record label company called Black Art Records.

Motivation connects with people through music, and he has high hopes of revolutionizing the music scene by releasing fresh songs that bring the message of encouragement. 

More than being a musician, Motivation is also an author and has launched Mental Motivation E-books. The platform allows people to gain access to numerous motivational e-books, all of which are easily downloadable. The e-books are great for people who want to improve their personal life, boost their brainpower, or those who simply need to cope with life’s stress. In addition, some of these e-books address financial affairs like fixing bad credit to finance an investment or business or purchase a house. 

“I’ve come from the bottom, so I know what it feels like to have to hustle hard and grind out the tough days,” said Motivation. Growing up, his immersion in his father’s and grandfather’s multiple businesses has ingrained a strong work ethic and innate leadership skills within him.

Now at the age of 25, Motivation continues to take various industries by storm while, at the same time, remaining committed to inspiring and impacting the lives of others. At the core of all his efforts is the need to give back to the community that helped him grow. With the profits he raises from his diverse commercial ventures, Motivation aids low-income families by buying them land and providing them housing in safe areas.

Motivation has no intention of limiting himself or slowing down any time soon. Instead, he is dedicated to taking every day as a sign to be better and a chance to come up with brand new music and books that can motivate any viewer or listener to improve their lifestyle. As someone who went through his fair share of challenges, Motivation is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who are scared to start. 

As his career continues to flourish, Motivation looks forward to establishing more commercial ventures that will open many opportunities for him and other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Motivation and Black Art Records by visiting his website and Instagram account.

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