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Mrs. Earth®: Moving Beyond Beauty and Inspiring Positive Change In The World

The first image that springs to mind when someone mentions a beauty pageant is a woman standing on stage, dressed to the nines, with her hair and makeup perfectly arranged. On the other side, some people are conscious of the preparation, commitment, and hard work that go into these events. One pageant, Mrs. Earth®, hopes to move beyond the facade value of processions and create avenues to positively impact communities worldwide.

Mrs. Earth® is a pageant that aims to celebrate one of life’s highest honors—being a woman. It does this by fusing beauty with nature and highlighting everything that makes a woman majestic— not just her physique or appearance. The pageant’s primary objective is to highlight women as they pursue their aspirations. 

Mykhael is the founder and creator of the Mrs. Earth® pageant. When he isn’t running the prestigious events, he hosts a radio show on WOKB Orlando, dishing out celebrity gossip every Wednesday to thousands of his listeners. In addition to running pageant competitions, Mykhael also participates in them, winning multiple titles such as Mr. New England, Mr. Massachusetts, Mr. United American, and Mr. USA. Mykhael was also part of the “Up With People” tour, which promotes inclusion and diversity. The pageant connoisseur is also a professional model and spokesperson, who has walked the runways for well-known fashion houses and graced the cover of Images magazine.

Running the Mrs. Earth® pageant is more than just a pastime for Mykhael. He does it to help empower women and give them a voice in a world that chooses to ignore feminine agenda. Furthermore, there are different sections within the pageant experience for women of all ages and stages. 

Following the recent announcement of the termination of Laura Clark’s national license for Mrs. USA Earth™, the organization clarified that its linked official national preliminary competitions are now Mrs. Earth®, Ms. Earth®,  Mrs. USA Earth™, Ms. USA Earth™, Jr. Teen Earth® USA, Teen Earth® USA, Jr. Teen Earth® and Teen Earth®. With the new national preliminary competition scheduled for April 2023, Mykhael assures an excellent Earth Week celebration with a Glamorously Green Gala Eco Fundraiser as a highlight event. 

Mykhael founded the Mrs. Earth® competition more than sixteen years ago with a desire to contribute to world sustainability and women empowerment. He looks forward to the future and is incredibly proud of the established legacy of many past pageant winners and participants. “I am proud that we cater to women of many ages who want to showcase their love for our beautiful planet earth,” explains Mykhael.

Women who compete in beauty pageants learn other talents they can utilize when they get older. Competing gives them more self-assurance, social skills, composure, and personality. Through these experiences, pageant entrants learn and apply various values to advance in their employment in the future, turning these avenues into highly empowering learning experiences.

Mykhael takes great pleasure in directing this company’s course, as he has had the chance to interact with so many fascinating people who are genuinely changing the course of the earth. Through the years, Mykhael’s motivation and inspiration are the ambitious women and the strong alliances their organization has built up throughout its existence. 

Mykhael feels extremely privileged to be a part of giving contestants a stage to shed light on important issues and champion various causes. He hopes his organization continues to give women everywhere a platform to shine and spread goodwill.

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