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With Suicides On the Rise, America Seeks Solace. Multimedia Platform Music Got Your Back, May Offer Solutions

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 700,000 people take their own lives a year. It is this staggering statistic that led to the establishment of World Suicide Prevention Day. WSPD is a day to remember the innumerable lives taken too soon because of suicide, along with supplying necessary resources to anyone contemplating taking their own life.

Though suicide numbers have always been high, at the beginning of 2020, they had begun to decline until the coronavirus pandemic took its grip on the world. And a painful grip it was.

Physical illness increased depression due to isolation, job loss, business closures, and more, creating an upsurge in suicides worldwide. In the United States, combined deaths from drugs, alcohol abuse, and suicide climbed 20% during the pandemic. With recent publicized suicides such as from DJ tWitch, it seems that they are unlikely to decline anytime soon.

Though there are obvious solutions to prevent suicide, and nothing replaces the advice of a licensed professional for those in the throes of clinical depression, one under-discussed solution may be right under our noses or, more aptly, in our ears.

David Bluefield, a musician, producer, and composer most widely recognized for his music word for Spielberg’s “Close Encounters” and Stevie Nicks’ song “Standback,” wrote the song “Music Got Your Back” and made it his mission to remind people that music, no matter the circumstances, can always have your back.

Music Got Your Back, which started as a new song produced and recorded by Bluefield, has catalyzed the inception of a multimedia platform by the same name.

“I created [How Music Got Your Back] as a contest/campaign/participation for young and old to share and describe their personal experience with music,”  remarked Bluefield.

For years, music has been an outlet for humans to seek refuge from daily challenges, escape into their dreams, and express themselves in ways impossible in any other mode.

Musicians over the centuries have poured their hearts and souls into their work, hoping to pull people into their musical worlds and out of any pain they may be experiencing.

To coincide with the Music Got Your Back song, Bluefield established THE Hole to your soul PATROL as a metaphorical nourishment portal for listeners worldwide.

“I created connecting on The Bluefield Bandwidth- as THE Hole to your soul PATROL – music crusaders from Cyberspace -to feed the Nourishment Portals of everyone out there who loves and adores music as much as we do,” David Bluefield elaborated.

Music Got Your Back’s website, in many ways, is the portal itself, as music lovers from all over can submit their very own stories detailing how music has had their backs, along with their renditions of Bluefield’s song Music Got Your Back. Additionally, the platform offers exciting opportunities to participate in ongoing contests.

“The campaign’s purpose is to get people to share their stories about a time when music helped them through a tough time. I want the world to know how music impacts individuals’ lives.”

Learn more about David Bluefield and his mission, and contribute your music story on the Music Got Your Back website.

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