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Retirement Beyond Numbers: My Plan Keeper’s Breakthrough Approach to Planning

Carla Garcia has seen it all. She has witnessed countless individuals approaching retirement with the same incorrect mindset for 20 years, and it is high time to change that. According to Carla, “People have been planning for retirement and transition the wrong way all this time.”

For years, the retirement planning industry has been centered around numbers – the state of the marketplace, asset allocation, taxes, and the amount saved. However, Carla believes that a meaningful retirement is not determined by these factors. “A meaningful retirement does not depend on the state of the marketplace, your asset allocation, taxes and for sure not the amount you have saved over the years,” she asserts.

As a Retirement Coach and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Carla’s approach is unique and innovative. She has found success in helping clients plan for retirement by focusing on key areas beyond finances. Through her business, My Plan Keeper, Carla helps clients discover a new direction and find greater meaning in their retirement transition. Furthermore, she is trained to help people who are feeling lost and uncertain about finding their purpose and moving forward with confidence.

Before establishing her company as the go-to shop for expert financial and retirement plans, Carla Garcia worked as a financial advisor for the last two decades, working with a diverse clientele ranging from business owners, professional athletes, healthcare professionals, and government employees, to name a few. 

Carla’s own journey to retirement is a testament to the power of her approach. After a successful career at Merrill Lynch, she transitioned to her own version of retirement and has since been dedicated to helping others do the same. CEO Weekly recognizes her as a “most-watch force in the industry,” and her unconventional approach has been gaining traction in the world of retirement planning. “After working for large banking and investment institutions, I built My Plan Keeper so that I can no longer be confined to a small group of solutions and help clients build confidence in their existing plans,” shares Carla. “I knew already what I stood for, and the moment I realized the impact I could have on clients, that was all I needed.”

Through My Plan Keeper, Carla provides her clients with much-needed comfort and direction in today’s volatile financial climate, helping them identify stable investments with long-term returns and diversify their financial products beyond investment banking and traditional banking. She says, “Fundamentals have shifted and so should your mindset. We have the equities and bond market down for the first time in 30 years. That is a scary time, and what I hear from clients is that now they can not identify what assets they can shift to a safe money place.”

Carla Garcia is revolutionizing the way we plan for retirement and transition. Her innovative approach, centered on purpose, meaning, and safe money solutions is changing the lives of countless individuals and helping them prepare for the next chapter in their lives. If you are feeling lost or uncertain in your retirement transition, Carla is here to help you find your way.


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