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Nasdaq Lists Online Shop Inc – First Private Company in History with No IPO

Photo Credit: Nasdaq | Rothschild & Co.

In a never before seen move, a private company that has yet to even launch to the public has been listed on Nasdaq, an index comprising all stocks listed on the stock exchange, where stocks can be purchased by traders.

The company is the brainchild of entrepreneur Terry McGinnis who has been seen as a visionary in the technology and ecommerce sector. The company is now visible on location and online by traders and the general public via Nasdaq’s official website. Not even competitors such as or BigCommerce can be found, as to be listed, a company usually needs to be public, and shares in the company can be purchased and sold publicly.

The company has also been listed by Bloomberg, with many speculators in the market calling it the next big Unicorn, with some even describing it as a Pegasus, a term which founder Terry McGinnis also shares, where a company is able to make a profit and grow substantially without the need for continued investment to gain market share.

On Online Shop Inc’s official website only sits a landing page with recent outlets reporting that the company is set to launch in January. The company is being lauded by private investment firms such as Rothschild & Co. as being the next ‘big hit’ for investors all over the world, helping the startup position itself in the market before launch, perhaps a positive sign for those looking to invest in companies that have huge potential once they are floated on the stock exchange for shares to be bought and sold publicly. This a positive and unprecedented move by a stock exchange that has left many wondering how long it will take until the company hits an IPO, with some speculators stating that it will be the next eBay or Amazon, taking only one or two years to have its initial public offering with Nasdaq placing the company right next to juggernauts such as Apple, Amazon and Tesla.

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