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Nasik Rav: Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Sets to Make His Music Debut

Nasik Rav is a serial entrepreneur, community developer, political candidate, and educator. Born Prince Rav Yisrael but popularly known by his pseudonym, Nasik Rav is a community and thought leader who hails originally from New York City. He moved to a city in Hancock County, Georgia where he contested for the city council in 2019. Nasik lost his bid by a small margin even though he only campaigned for two months.

Despite his political loss, Nasik remains committed to his goal of helping the community, and to date, he has continued to help by developing a residential community of over 200 acres in rural Georgia. He also founded a non-profit organization to help address food shortages and provide individuals and businesses with several economic opportunities. The success of this non-profit prompted Nasik to create an online entrepreneurship training to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Nasik helps business owners improve their businesses to gain more customers and make more profit by teaching and guiding them with proper brand management and its application. He also helps business owners acquire business funding and loans by helping entrepreneurs build their business credit score.

Also, Nasik understands that every business owner has a story to tell and he wants to help them tell it by using digital marketing, creative positioning, and media interaction to help every business reach their audience and improve their business recognition. To achieve this, Nasik employs a team of creatives that can provide businesses with graphic designs that can be used for storytelling. And apart from telling their story, Nasik also points out that graphic design can be used to help create an innovative web design to present and project their brands attractively and also create a successful event strategy whenever they need one.

Away from helping people and communities grow, Nasik recently started a new venture as a movie producer. His first production features stars such as Brandon T. Jackson, Clifton Powell, Juhahn Jones, and Erica Pinkett. The story revolves around a drug dealer who navigates through the struggles of life and his pursuit of a music career. Nasik was inspired to produce the movie thanks to his experiences while growing up in Brooklyn, on the Eastern side of New York, where he lived through the height of the epidemic and made his way out to become successful. Nasik believes this film is the story man can relate to.

With his growing entertainment career, Nasik is diversifying into music and is set to drop a new single titled, “Show Me That It’s Real” featuring the vocalist Shem Levi, and rappers like Jadakiss, MC King Los, and battle rap legend Murda Mook. The song is about love and loyalty with grit, metaphors, and energy that you have come to expect from these three world-class rappers. This unlikely pairing of talents was the vision of Nasik Rav.

On this track, Nasik made it clear that he didn’t come to play because the song is about love and loyalty. And the artistic delivery of melody, grit, and energy is what to expect when three world-class rappers come together to support an amazing vocal and chorus.

On how the song came about, Nasik Rav said his goal was not to make a good song, but to make a timeless song and after recording the chorus with an old-time partner, Shem Levi, he knew instantly that the song needed Jadakiss input. However, the addition of King Los and Murda Mook sounded right and, “The outcome is a classic hip-hop/R&B song that can be appreciated by everyone from street dudes, to your aunt at the barbecue, and even someone getting dressed before a board meeting.” He concludes.

The single “Show Me That It’s Real” is tentatively set to drop at the end of February and will be available on all streaming platforms.

To know more about Nasik’s ventures, you may visit his website, or follow him on his Instagram account.

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