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National Floors Direct Reviews Best Commercial Flooring Options for 2023

Now is the perfect time to put the year’s plans into action. For business owners, that often means investing in another 12 months of success. Your premises are likely your most significant asset and one of the best places to spend money upgrading.

That’s especially true within retail. However, the same also applies in any number of office, industrial, and hospitality-focused environments. The right commercial flooring can make all the difference in each of these spaces. With the New Year already here, National Floors Direct reviews the best commercial flooring options for 2023 and beyond.

Best Commercial Flooring Options

As a leading supplier of specialty flooring, National Floors Direct knows better than anyone what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to commercial floor coverings. Carrying an incredible range of options designed to suit any space imaginable. It’s a range that starts with one of the best-selling products in the shape of commercial luxury vinyl.

Commercial Luxury Vinyl

Commercial luxury vinyl is among the most durable flooring options out there. It’s also straightforward to take care of. These water-resistant and waterproof luxury vinyl floor coverings are ideally suited to countless applications. That’s why they’re at the top of the list of the best commercial flooring options for 2023.

Commercial-specification luxury vinyl is perfect for businesses, offices, and even medical facilities with heavy foot traffic. It’s an ideal choice when visitors come directly into your building from the outdoors. It’s similarly well-suited to environments prone to spills, such as restaurants and any space likely to experience high moisture levels.

Commercial Hardwood

Next, National Floors Direct says that another surefire best-seller for 2023 is commercial hardwood. Solidly and expertly engineered, all commercial-grade hardwood is specially finished to provide an additional focus on durability. That’s versus non-commercial hardwood flooring, which, of course, is already a robust flooring option in itself.

With several specialized finishing techniques to toughen the surfaces of commercial hardwood. This process guarantees a beautiful finish wholly capable of accommodating heavy foot traffic. It also means that commercial hardwood is more resistant to scratches and other damage.

The result is an elegant and extremely durable commercial flooring solution designed to suit even the most upscale business environments and existing décor choices.

Commercial Carpet

With a fresh new start in 2023, commercial carpet is better than ever, with a range of commercial carpet options that meet the needs of any business. Unlike standard carpet, commercial carpet flooring is designed to stand up to the increased traffic and wear of almost any professional environment.

This added durability is thanks to stronger carpet fibers, a higher-density construction method, and lower pile heights than those seen with residential carpets. Functional and economical, commercial carpet also facilitates an impressive degree of noise reduction by its very nature. With that in mind, it’s an excellent choice for office spaces and busy retail stores.

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