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Navigating 2024’s Financial Landscape: Anna Zakkery’s Insights on Lucrative Ventures

Navigating 2024's Financial Landscape: Anna Zakkery's Insights on Lucrative Ventures
Photo Courtesy: Anna Zakkery / @anna.zakkery

By: Alexander Reynolds

When it comes to the most profitable niches in 2024, expert opinions differ radically. Indeed, as many specialists, there are as many answers to the question of where one can quickly and effectively earn money this year.

The founder and CEO of the online production center ZMG, a master of management, author of numerous educational online courses and books on digital marketing, which currently educate over 7,000 students, a participant in the “100 Best Entrepreneurs” ranking, and the creator of a unique methodology for launching online courses with six-figure income, Anna Zakkery, believes that there can be no clear answer to this question. Moreover, given the constantly changing context of our lives, it is difficult to say what will happen in 9-10 months. Therefore, forecasting should be done at best on a quarterly basis, or even less.

Nevertheless, together with Anna Zakkery, we will figure out which niche will bring you the highest profit in 2024.

Where you can earn the most in the USA

“For the United States, from an economic point of view, it is not the easiest time,” says Anna Zakkery. “Pay attention to the labor market, how many people have been affected by layoffs. Recently, I wrote an article on how to return to good earnings after being laid off by changing your niche. A month ago, I was riding in an Uber and talking to the driver. It turned out he was a director by profession, but the economic situation forced him, at the peak of his career at 37, to sit behind the wheel and work as a taxi driver.”

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, the head of ZMG suggests a way that will help you earn well in 2024. “For 8 years, I have been involved in marketing and sales,” Anna Zakkery explains. “I have huge sales offices in Europe, America, and Argentina. And I know very well how trends are formed. No matter what articles you read about trends and forecasts, divide the information you receive by two or more. Some of them are just advertisements, some are just topics close to the expert. In participating in the creation of this article, I tried to look at it as objectively as possible. Not with the eyes of an expert working in digital marketing and creating over 60 educational online courses, who can generate a total revenue of $20,000 on projects per day. I objectively weighed all the factors and understand that in the online education niche, it’s currently one of the best times.”

Why you should create online courses in 2024

According to the expert, first and foremost, this is due to the development of AI technologies, which allow you to do more in a day than in a month with fewer expenses on employees.

Secondly, as is known, demand breeds supply. Anna Zakkery assures that today there is an increased demand in the world for new online courses.

“A lot of people are changing their professions and need educational online projects that help them acquire certain skills,” says Zakkery, adding that the top quality of the niche is also determined by the large number of available technical solutions that popularize online courses and allow you to earn money that you could only dream of before.

“Another significant argument in favor of creating online courses is the ease of entering the niche. It does not require investment. Like any service niche, the only investment here is your time and brains. And, of course, speed. Here and now, you can start testing this direction and start promoting your online course,” Zakkery concludes.

If I’ve never done this before?

According to the founder and CEO of the ZMG production center, anyone can earn money in online education. “I’m often asked: how can I teach, I’m just a bank employee, a store seller, or a daycare educator? How can the online education niche be useful for me, and how can I contribute to it? In such cases, I strongly recommend the process of unpacking one’s personality. Every course starts from there,” says the expert.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself today to excel in the high-revenue trend in the online education niche by 2024:

  • What question do people most often ask me for advice on?
  • What topic am I willing to read books, watch movies, and seek additional information about?
  • Which conferences would I like to attend?
  • Am I ready to maintain a blog, write content, and share my knowledge with others?
  • Do I see obvious gaps or deficiencies in the niche that interests me today?
  • Can I address these deficiencies in any way? Do I have a tool that can already seriously improve the niche?

Success lies at the intersection of identifying a problem within a niche and having a solution, says Anna Zakkery.

“Let me give you an example. I have a child, she’s 7 years old. Once we flew to London. I order a taxi, and there’s no child seat in it. I look at another taxi, and there isn’t one there either. I ask, ‘How can I order a taxi with a child seat?’ They tell me, ‘Such taxis don’t exist in England.’ I say, ‘But how am I supposed to travel with my child then?’ They answer, ‘You can’t. Bring your own.’ But I flew from America, how can I bring a seat with me? That’s how problems in the industry are discovered,” Zakkery laughs.

According to the expert, if you have a solution to a niche problem, you are guaranteed significant revenue, enormous attention, and tremendous success. Therefore, to quickly get started in 2024, start by unpacking your expertise.

“If you absolutely don’t understand which niche is yours, I’ll share my favorite method. Go to a bookstore, a real physical bookstore. Go to the section with scientific literature, business literature, and non-fiction. And observe yourself, which books on what topic attract you first,” recommends Anna Zakkery, explaining, “A bookstore is probably one of the most convenient places to test. Here you will definitely understand what interests you the most and where your calling lies.”

Tips from Anna Zakkery in 2024

Use these 5 elements from the famous online producer for rapid growth in the online education niche in 2024.

  • Budget – you need money to launch. Don’t believe it can be done for free.
  • Blog – maintain it anywhere. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Be where it’s closer.
  • Product – start small. Don’t try to create a perfect product. I recently wrote an article on what a product should look like, describing that the first product shouldn’t be recorded; there should just be a series of live Zooms where you talk about your topic.
  • Marketing – you should have at least a minimal understanding of what sells.
  • Technical – it’s important where your product is stored and how it’s delivered to the viewer. How you conduct webinars, how you provide logins and passwords. Overall, the technical framework for everything you’ve conceived.

These simple five elements will allow you to better acquaint yourself with the online education niche in 2024. And if you need more information, subscribe to Anna Zakkery’s blog and finally start earning millions!


Published by: Khy Talara


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