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International Fashion Brand Nazarene Amictus Teams Up With Harley Dean

International Fashion Brand Nazarene Amictus Teams Up With Harley Dean
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Nazarene Amictus an unconventional luxury international fashion brand teams up with Harley Dean an American multi talented actress, performer, influencer, model, entrepreneur and founder of Harleys Angels. 

The duo, are set to debut a new clothing collection inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 to mark the end of the winter season and the beauty of the spring season. The collection titled “Unconditional Love” will be themed after true and pure messages of love that upholds the spirit of acceptance and truth. 

Nazarene Amictus was founded in 2018 by Prince Iheanyi Njemanze; a Nigerian born royalty from the Njemanze Dynasty. In 2019 Nazarene Amictus made its first international debut at the Paris Fashion Week with Fashion Week Studio at the Ritz Paris. Shortly after in November 2019, Nazarene Amictus gained their first international editorial feature with British Vogue and British GQ, thus presenting itself as a fashion brand based on ancient theme, innovation and biblical relevance with realism characteristics.  Other top publications and fashion magazine features include Forbes, L’Officiel, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Flaunt, Moevir Paris, Daily Front Row etc. 

The Prince’s great artistry as creative director landed him fashion privileges with celebrity stylist Tytryone and top celebrities wearing some of its unique pieces such as Billy Porter, Davido, Crystal Waters, Simonetta Lein, Richard Mode Damijo, Dawn Richards, Grace Vanderwall, Christopher Rivas, Tracy Howard Jnr, Patoranking, Jody (High roller) Husky, Scar the Star, Bovi Ugboma, Busiswa Gqulu amongst many others etc.

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Speaking on his inspiration behind his recent business relationship with Harley Dean, Prince Iheanyi shines light on Harley as a great talent with a unique purpose yet to unfold. Her profile and story is ultimately what I refer to as “the chosen few out of many”. People like her bring about changes that define turning points. As a controversial individual she possess a gift that is unmatched if nurtured rightly. Having Harley as one of the major inspiration for future projects in Nazarene Amictus is without a doubt something worthy of cheer and extraordinary. 

According to Harley, her goal is to extend opportunities to those who hunger for true freedom in their craft. To be able to express yourself before God Jehovah the one true creator and through his graceful talent share your story to many facets of audience is something that drew me to Prince Iheanyi and ultimately Nazarene Amictus brand. Our goals are similar and I hope with grace and time we can enhance what we have to create something unimaginably possible. Harley who is an associate member of the foundation CASA also hinted to possibilities in collaborating with the foundation towards empowering children and securing a safer future for them where knowledge and expectations are at equilibrium. According to Pharrell Williams and as seen on the F.O.H.T.A. website, “if every community with underserved youth had a community center that was devoted to augmenting the learning experience needed to succeed and provide exposure to different technologies, arts, and resources, kids could find their tool – their key to a successful and fulfilling future”.

On what to expect in the nearest future, the duo are set to unveil in September projects aimed at providing great opportunities and visibility to true talents with diverse history and stories. 

Prince Iheanyi is no doubt on a path of greatness and his journey with Harley is much more an interesting choice which many will find attractive, doubtful, ironic, powerful and cliche.

Connect with Prince Iheanyi and Harley Dean on Instagram. 

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