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Need an Attorney? Attorney Russell Nicolet on What to Look for

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When facing a legal issue, finding the right attorney can make all the difference. Attorney Russell Nicolet, a renowned Wisconsin and Minnesota personal injury lawyer and President of Nicolet Law, shares insights on what to look for when you need a professional to fight for your rights.

Genuine Caring, Empathy, and Experience

When you or a loved one gets injured, ordinary life can come to a stop. Sadly, what goes full throttle is the pressure insurance companies will likely put on you. They don’t care if you recover if your medical bills pile up, or if you’re unable to work. However, your legal team must care.

Since 2007, Nicolet Law has alleviated this stress for clients by helping them return to their normal lives as soon as possible. With a caring and highly experienced team, the experts at Nicolet Law negotiate with insurance companies and other parties to try to reach a settlement or agreement. If a settlement cannot be reached, their team continues to fight to get their clients what they deserve.

A Winning Track Record

Your legal team must have demonstrated success. Ask how much compensation they have recovered for their clients and research unbiased reviews and testimonials from past clients to guide you.

Nicolet Law has recovered in excess of $65 million for its clients and has over 500 five-star reviews.

You Don’t Pay Unless You Win

When a firm takes on your case, you shouldn’t have to pay them anything until they get you the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to make sure this is clear.

This is the case at Nicolet Law. Also, to ensure there is no extra burden placed on clients, Nicolet Law offers free case reviews. Why? Because it is of the highest importance to the firm for clients to know that the team is there for them, not just as lawyers, but as true friends.

Local to the Community

If your law firm isn’t familiar with your community, they may apply what works in another area to you and your town. However, this may not be the best method to achieve the outcome you want.

Nicolet Law’s team was born and raised in the Midwest. As a result, they know both the area and the community.

Easily Accessible

If you or a loved one is injured, the last thing you want to do is travel far to meet with your attorney. That’s why it’s important to find one that is local to your area and convenient for you.

Nicolet Law has numerous offices in the Midwest, whether you’re seeing a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer, a Minnesota personal injury lawyer, or a Green Bay personal injury lawyer.

Awards and Recognition

In addition to money recovered, nothing validates an attorney’s reputation like prestigious awards and recognition.

Russel Nicolet is the recipient of awards such as the Top 40 under 40 Trial Lawyers and the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. He was also recognized as a SuperLawyer by SuperLawyers Magazine.

When selecting an attorney, particularly a personal injury lawyer, look for an empathetic, experienced, hard-working individual with an award-winning and winning track record. Someone like Russell Nicolet can make all the difference in your journey to get what you deserve.

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