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Nesa’s Hemp Aims to Make High-Quality Hemp Oil the Norm, Not the Exception, with the World’s First-Ever Full-Full Spectrum CBDa Hemp Oil

Nesa’s Hemp is the world’s first full-full spectrum hemp oil product. Founded by Inesa Ponomariovaite, Nesa’s Hemp is rooted on a firm foundation based on the principles of a holistic business model. A visionary, innovator, and advocate for natural science, Inesa has approached the mass-marketed industry with a clear head and vision that reflects her ideals of doing good for humanity above all else. 

Motivated by a deep desire to right the wrongs of the Cannabis industry, Inesa started exploring the market after her mother received a devastating cancer diagnosis. Determined to do whatever she could to help, she immersed herself in holistic practices, including hemp oil, where she quickly realized that many of the products claiming to be “all-natural” were quite the opposite. It was her deep desire to help those around her and her determination to make high-quality hemp oil the norm, not the exception, that motivated Inesa to start Nesa’s Hemp. 

Hemp is a term people use to classify varieties of Cannabis that contain less THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Hemp oil becomes very beneficial, primarily when extracted through a method that preserves the whole plant. In Nesa’s Hemp, a technique called “Living Hemp” sustains the plant’s natural molecular structure. The entire process involves an extraction that happens without sacrificing the life of the plant, delivering all of the truest healing grade hemp compounds, including CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) which has been proven to be one thousand times more effective at combating anxiety than CBD alone.

Going beyond what is considered organic, Nesa’s unique soil-to-seed-to-bottle process ensures only the purest nutrients make their way into every batch of hemp oil, ultimately delivering the highest quality product on the market. While hemp oil when harvested correctly can be a great source of nutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, it remains critical for every potential user to know the extraction or production process of the product. 

Remaining transparent in a heavily saturated industry has been important to Inesa since day one. Every Nesa’s Hemp product goes through vigorous third-party testing to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Not only this, but the third-party results are readily available online for consumers, allowing them to see exactly what they’re getting in every bottle. 

Nesa’s Hemp is well-positioned to usher in a holistic revolution, and with Inesa at the helm, there’s no stopping her powerhouse team. Five years from now, Inesa envisions Nesa’s Hemp leading a revolution focused on educating consumers on the many benefits of high-quality hemp oil and CBDa. Nesa’s Hemp will also be focusing on further research regarding CBDa use for Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Inflammation, and Neurological disorders.To learn more about how Nesa’s Hemp, CBDa, and how it can help you achieve your wellness goals, visit

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