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New York Streetwear Hero, The DripKit, and Global Fabric Manufacturer, Pivot Apparel, Fitted For Classic Comfort With Scorching Summer Collection

The DripKit
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Powered by a relentless drive to make a lasting impact, The DripKit brand has excelled forward since its establishment in late 2019. Led by visionary founder and CEO Erik Lerner, equipped with a powerful blend of entrepreneurship and fashion expertise, The DripKit has swiftly risen to become a influential force in the streetwear industry.

The DripKit has expanded its offerings to include complete collections featuring a range of pieces from head to toe. This evolution demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing customers with a comprehensive and diverse selection of high-quality apparel. The expanded collections now include t-shirts, button-ups, classic summer shorts, and hats that pioneered the brand, appealing to various fashion preferences and occasions.

Each piece from The DripKit is meticulously crafted through cut and sew techniques, ensuring specific details and superior quality. The brand pays attention to every detail, including the buttons (which are branded with The DripKit logo), seams, fantastic embroidery work, custom tags, beautiful packaging with prompt delivery, enhancing the overall style, aesthetic, and experience. 

The DripKit also places an emphasis on an upscale and elegant vibe. The hats, featuring the “Good Girls Are Cuffed” slogan, capture the essence of New York, becoming a staple of the brand’s identity. The DripKit aims to bring a fresh and distinct look to its pieces, embodying the sophistication and style that resonates with a wide audience.

The core philosophy of The DripKit is to enable individuals to stand out and express themselves. Whether it’s the unique custom-fitting bowling sets, boxy cut t-shirts, or the hats, each piece embodies the brand’s distinctive identity. The DripKit prides itself on offering apparel that sets wearers apart from the crowd and sparks curiosity. The popular slogan “Good Girls Are Cuffed” takes on a new meaning with The DripKit, representing a symbol of self-assurance and individuality. The brand’s ability to evoke intrigue and captivate attention sets it apart from other fashion labels.

Erik Lerner, the creative behind The DripKit, possesses a deep understanding of the competition within the fashion industry, drawing inspiration from renowned brands like Kith, Aime Leon Dior, and Supreme. Despite his humble demeanor, he is confident that The DripKit will emerge as one of the most significant brands to come out of New York. Lerner’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit drive him to create a lasting impact in the industry, with each chapter unveiling exciting new opportunities.

The DripKit

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As examples of these emerging opportunities, the brand has garnered attention and support from high-profile individuals, including professional athletes and influencers who proudly wear The DripKit’s apparel. These personalities serve as ambassadors for the brand, showcasing its appeal and influence in the fashion industry. From its humble beginnings, The DripKit has firmly cemented itself as a leader in the fashion industry, leaving an indelible mark on the scene. The popularity of DripKit merchandise is evident worldwide, with a myriad of customers proudly sporting the brand’s products in their local communities. You’re bound to encounter numerous individuals proudly donning their DripKit gear, showcasing the brand’s influence and appeal.

What started as a collection of hats has blossomed into an extraordinary array of full collections, capturing the essence of self-expression and individuality. Athletes and influencers alike have been captivated by The DripKit’s allure, finding in it a reflection of their unique spirits. Each garment, meticulously cut and sewn, showcases a commitment to unparalleled style and attention to fine detail.

Building upon their past success, The DripKit has formed a strategic partnership with Pivot Apparel, a renowned fashion incubator with a global presence. Moreover, the partnership between The DripKit and Pivot Apparel, a global force in fashion marketing located in New York, signifies another major milestone for the brand. Pivot Apparel’s investment in The DripKit represents a long-term commitment and a shared vision for the brand’s growth and success. This collaboration demonstrates the hunger and ambition of both Erik Lerner and The DripKit to establish a dominant presence in international markets while maintaining accessible price points.

The DripKit

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Pivot Apparel, known for manufacturing fabric all over the world, has taken The DripKit under their wing to help grow and scale the business. With Pivot Apparel’s support, The DripKit now has access to unlimited opportunities for growth. The collaboration opens doors for exciting ventures such as collaborations with other brands, the establishment of retail stores, and scaling operations on a mass level. Pivot Apparel’s expertise and prestigious resume in the fashion industry complement Erik Lerner’s innovative ideas, setting the stage for the next steps in The DripKit’s extraordinary journey.

The partnership between The DripKit and Pivot Apparel is poised to propel the brand’s expansion into new fashion-forward ideas and markets. As The DripKit continues to push the boundaries of creativity, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of their next chapter. With Erik Lerner’s visionary leadership and Pivot Apparel’s extensive experience, the possibilities for The DripKit’s future growth are limitless. Exciting times lie ahead as these two forces join hands to create a fashion empire that captures the essence of New York’s style and leaves an indelible mark on the industry. Discover the latest fashion-forward trends with The Drip Kit’s exciting new collection, now available on

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