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New York Yankees’ Winning Streak Delights Fans

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The New York Yankees started the 2021 baseball season on shaky grounds, their consecutive losses frustrating the fans with its underperformance. However, the team has gotten back its winning streak, recording victories in nine of their previous 12 games. On Wednesday, the Yankees recorded yet another victory making it the tenth win out of a total of 13 games. The star of the night was Giancarlo Stanton, who just two weeks ago was relentlessly booed and vilified by the fans now singing his praises. 

Perhaps fueled by the boos, Stanton in his hottest hitting streak since joining the Yankees hit a .500 with a .896 slugging percentage, including five homers, four doubles, and 10 RBI in the last 11 games played by the team. He also has at three hits in five of his last six games making his monstrous trade contract of $265 million worth every penny.

As one of the most feared hitters of the game, Stanton maintained a two-run homer in the third inning, a tied game double in the fifth and landed an insurance run-scoring single in the eighth inning effectively leading the Yankee to its fifth victory with a 6-3 victory over the Houston Astros. The victory marked the Yankee’s tenth win in the last thirteen games placing the team just behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League East with a record of 16-14.

Stanton’s win for the team changed the fans’ animosity towards the team as chants of “MVP” could be heard instead of the usual boos. Stanton was happy with the new development and said, “Luckily, it turned pretty quick, and I feel great. I can’t tell you if it’s the best streak ever, but I’m just glad I’m here.”

The Yankees are taking pride in Stanton’s win and will tell you they saw the work ethic, ambition and discipline first hand. The team is conceived that StanWton will soon become a baseball household name as he makes his return to prominence. “He’s a special person and talent, I l just feel like it has been coming. He’s a great player, a great hitter and incredibly disciplined,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. 

Stanton is more confident this year and seems a lot more like the baseball superstar that won the 2017 National League MVP Award with 59 homers while playing the Miami Marlins. Yankee fans are starting to embrace him, figuring he’s the player that can take their beloved team to win the World Series, a position the Yankees haven’t won since 2009.

With Stanton at the helm, the Yankees, in turn, now look like the dream team everyone envisioned at the start of the season. Their offence and pitching at a 3.02 ERA, ranking best in the American League. As the Yankees make a powerful come back, the fans are enjoying themselves thoroughly especially since the victories are coming against the Astros.

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