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Nezha Alaoui Celebrating a Decade of Women’s Empowerment

Women’s empowerment remains one of the priorities across the globe, as the United Nations with its Goal 5 of the  Sustainable Development Goals, advocates for women’s rights to build stronger societies. Aligning with that goal is what leader Nezha Alaoui and her organization WOMEN CHOICE are doing through their training programs and workshops for women’s career and professional development.

Nezha founded WOMEN CHOICE, a decade after starting her career at the United Nations and building herself as a global advocate for Women’s empowerment, author and social impact influencer.

WOMEN CHOICE is an organization based in New York that collaborates with brands and companies to implement diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across the board. Currently, the organization runs a network of 15,000 professional women and 1.8 million audience globally. Its initiatives seek to help women gain more agency over their futures by giving them the necessary tools to thrive in their roles and break leadership barriers in society. The group consists of various enterprises, leadership trainers, development and diversity professionals who all aim for greater inclusion.

One of the main ways that Alaoui and WOMEN CHOICE reach their goals is by producing various conferences and events that bring together policymakers, corporate leaders, and activists to help build awareness and create action plans to support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The group continues to bring together high-level, high-achieving women from all sectors to play their part in improving communities around the globe.

As an industry leader, Nezha runs WOMEN CHOICE with a tenacity and drive to see change across the community and give women more opportunities to thrive in their selected fields. She is also an author published under Post Hill Publishing. Through her book, Be Who You Want to Be, she shared the twelve fundamental values of leadership, inspiring her readers to implement simple practices in the different aspects of their lives. She also played a pivotal role in the production of advocacy meetings and conferences held by UNESCO, where leaders discussed and initiated programs for diversity, equity and inclusion.

WOMEN CHOICE, Nezha’s most recent brainchild has produced up to seventy women reunions in New York City and then shifted to online meetups as the world pivoted due to the pandemic. During the trials and tribulations of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, WOMEN CHOICE also launched an accelerator program meant to support women innovate and stay relevant in their industry during these times of  pandemic. The program includes an incubator for college students with innovative ideas and a weekly leadership training with Nezha.

In 2021, WOMEN CHOICE in the verge of the world’s reopening, launched a chapter in Miami, starting with a few women’s reunions  workshops and brand partnerships. The organization expanded to Dubai with a launch on September 14, through a conference at SLS hotel on the rising role of women in the Arab world.

Nezha has been recognized globally for her work as a trailblazer in women’s empowerment and has been awarded with the Women Economic Forum, Crans Montana along with other well established organizations.

Nezha Alaoui has over ten years of experience in women’s empowerment and looks to spend the next few decades running the same mission. She hopes that WOMEN CHOICE would lead the way as an inclusive organization for professional women’s accelerated programs and opportunities. Alongside with other key players, her organization will keep fighting against inequalities putting women at the forefront of leadership positions.

Learn more by visiting WOMEN CHOICE’s website and Nezha Alaoui’s LinkedIn profile.

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