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NFT Community CycloTurtles Opens Multiple Opportunities for Its Holders to Earn Additional Income

Today, finding a solid investment opportunity that also opens possibilities for investors to get multiple streams of income is a gift. Being wise about investment choices is a must, especially during times like this when there is a wide array of opportunities to choose from. The recently launched non-fungible token (NFT) community, CycloTurtles, is giving such an opportunity to all of its holders as it highlights several opportunities to acquire additional streams of income as they progress within the metaverse. Apart from the impressive rewards, holders are presented with open doors that can change their lives forever. 

Once public minting reaches 40%, CycloTurtles will introduce its exciting islands, each giving distinct adventures to members along with access to private groups, exclusive benefits, and giveaways. Each nest can be unlocked by simply collecting CycloTurtles possessing unique traits. The islands are composed of General Island, Icy Island, Lava Island, and Utopia Island. The General Island grants 20 members a spot in the whitelist for Phase II of the CycloTurtles community and enters a $500 weekly giveaway opportunity. The Icy Island will give members access to multiple streams of income that can jump-start their journey toward financial freedom. This island also gives ten rare grants to lucky members to join the whitelist for Phase II. Additionally, they get to enter the $2,500 weekly giveaway. 

The Lava Island is a lot like the Icy Island in terms of its benefits except for the three per rare grants for the Phase II whitelist. Meanwhile, Utopia Island grants access to Institutional Crypto Artificial Intelligence, multiple streams of income, financial education opportunities, automatic whitelisting, and entry to the $5,000 weekly giveaways. 

With a whopping $1 million worth of rewards up for grabs, the public minting for all of the community’s 7,777 is currently ongoing and selling for 0.15 ETH plus a gas fee. Holders who mint the Tesla Coil Attribute get a chance to win one of the three Tesla Model 3s. Two lucky members who mint the Cash Stack Attribute will get the chance to win $50,000 each. 

Currently known in the metaverse for its staggering rewards, CycloTurtles offers several other benefits that are designed to impress and attract loyalty among avid NFT collectors and investors. There’s cash that can be won, NFT giveaways, and holder incentives unlike anything done in the metaverse before. Furthermore, members also get to enjoy Essential Club services, from lifestyle management to worldwide network events and red carpet activities. Long-term, members can look forward to getting 3D rendered models of the tokens, NFT Galley, a mental health section, and a play-to-earn turtle racing feature. 

Another widely acknowledged and admired feature of CycloTurtles is its commitment to protecting marine life. Once minting reaches 60%, it is committed to donating $500,000 to a charity through a collective decision of the existing members. This is the community’s way of staying rooted and mindful of more important things apart from growing one’s wealth. 

The CycloTurtles NFT community was co-founded by SugarKane and KingVing. Working alongside them to guarantee the success of the NFT is JuiceBox handling management, Cosmo as a marketing specialist, WordSmith as creative advisor, Chocrice as artist, Legacy as a marketing executive, and Abundant as Discord expert. Together, they are empowering members to build a solid financial future, one that will enable them to impact many generations in the future. 

Learn more about CycloTurtles by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts for important updates and access to some of its adorable NFT characters. 

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