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Nikita Prokhorov: Communication as Key Driver for Business on Thanksgiving

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As the leaves turn golden and the scent of pumpkin spice still hangs in the air, Thanksgiving is knocking on our doors. It’s not just a time for family gatherings and endless feasts; it’s also a golden opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and rake in some profits. Today, Nikita Prokhorov, co-founder and managing director of Reputation House, unravels the secrets of driving business success during this season of gratitude. For him, it’s not just about being thankful; it’s about turning communication into a strategic tool for driving profits.

More than a Feast

For any business, clients are like family, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show them some love. Nikita believes in going beyond the usual business transactions. Sending a heartfelt thank-you note or organizing a special event can make clients feel appreciated. And you know what they say – happy clients are loyal clients and loyal clients mean a healthier bottom line. Speaking of numbers, in 2023, Americans are expected to dish out a whopping $1.28 billion on Thanksgiving turkeys — a slight uptick of around $16 million from the previous year’s $1.27 billion.

Nikita Prokhorov highlights the importance of this holiday from a marketing standpoint: “Thanksgiving boasts a unique atmosphere unlike any other holiday. Customers adore this sense of unity and eagerly partake in the festivities. Furthermore, this family holiday instills a heightened sense of giving. As a result, businesses have an exceptional opportunity to connect with their audience on a more emotional level.

To embrace the Thanksgiving spirit, companies utilize effective marketing strategies:

  • Posting and sharing holiday-themed emotional content on social media.
  • Starting thematic targeted advertising.
  • Customizing the website and app to match the holiday spirit.
  • Implementing holiday-themed email strategy.
  • Running holiday limited-time promotions or discounts.
  • Creating family video advertising and themed video content.
  • Using holiday colors like gold, orange, brown, and red. 

In doing so, companies and brands show their adaptability and engagement with the holiday season. This active participation not only captures the audience’s attention but also conveys that they understand and connect with the seasonal trends that matter to consumers. Their alignment with holiday culture helps build deeper connections with customers, fostering trust and credibility. Creating a unique, immersive experience contributes to a positive brand image and enhances their online reputation. It’s about more than transactions; it’s about nurturing lasting relationships and trust in the modern digital era. This is the real power of communication during this holiday season. 

Here are the top 5 ways the companies communicate with clients during the holiday.

Sales and Discounts

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday shopping frenzy, and consumers are on the lookout for great deals. Offering discounts or coupons related to traditional Thanksgiving food items can be a smart strategy. Many successful grocery stores entice customers with loyalty programs, providing free turkeys or hams based on their spending or rewards achieved. Being the first choice for consumers seeking holiday sales can significantly impact a business’s success during this season.


As Nikita says, effective advertising during Thanksgiving is about striking the right balance. While it should be engaging and festive, it’s crucial to avoid being too intrusive or offensive. When done correctly, Thanksgiving advertising can elevate brand awareness and drive sales.

Events and Social Responsibility

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and show gratitude. Businesses can embrace the spirit of the season by organizing events such as food drives for the less fortunate or clothing drives to assist those in need. Connecting with local organizations to donate goods or raise funds adds a meaningful touch to these initiatives.

Social Media Engagement

With social media being a central platform for holiday content, businesses need to ensure their Thanksgiving-themed ads stand out. Eye-catching visuals, humor, and a focus on value can make social media campaigns more compelling. Some companies even create special Thanksgiving hashtags to encourage customer engagement. Beyond marketing, social media provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers on a personal level, fostering loyalty and brand advocacy.

Email Marketing

Thanksgiving presents a prime time for email marketing campaigns. People are generally in a good mood, more likely to spend money, and check their emails frequently. To make the most of this opportunity, businesses should craft clear and concise subject lines, keep messages short, personalize content where possible, and incorporate attractive Thanksgiving-themed visuals. Including a compelling call-to-action can further encourage customer engagement and conversions.

As we prepare to give thanks, let’s recognize the power of communication in business. Beyond the spreadsheets and meetings, Thanksgiving is a chance to foster genuine connections with clients, boost employee morale, and strengthen partnerships where communication is the driving force. Whether through sales and discounts, engaging advertising, community events, social media interactions, or email marketing, businesses can leverage these strategies to connect with their audience, enhance brand loyalty, and drive success during the holiday season. In the end, it’s not just about a successful Thanksgiving season; it’s about building a foundation for year-round success by spreading gratitude and cheer through effective communication.

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