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Noam Alon Prepares to Infuse Her Creative Flair as a Model and Influencer Into the Cinematic Industry

Hailing from the only Jewish nation in the world, Israel, Noam Alon is a model, an aspiring actress, and one of the most accomplished social media influencers in her country. She has a social media following of over 200,000 dedicated followers, a statistic that translates to 2% of the country’s total population. At the start of her career as a model and influencer, the trailblazing young woman was enlisted and served in the Israeli Defence Force, where she learned solid work ethic and essential life skills such as willpower, determination, and the ability to come up with creative solutions and not give up in a big way. 

These skills played an important role in shaping her into a resilient young woman and instilled strong work ethics to build her modeling and influencer career. She has now made a name for herself as an internationally recognized model and influencer, walking the runway from Dubai to Greece. 

In addition to her natural charisma and swift mind, Noma is a creative artist with an unparalleled eye for detail and aesthetics. For over five years, she has consistently created high-quality content, updating her Instagram every day with new pictures and videos. Her quality content caters to an international audience as she mixes her native Hebrew with English captions. “I’ve been adjusting my content and having English captions and content mixed with the Hebrew. My audience also tends to be on the younger side, generally under 30 years old. So I have mostly a male following,” she stated. 

Indeed, a peek at her Instagram page will end in hours of scrolling as one is immersed in the detail and story behind each content. It is no wonder she has such a rabid fanbase glued to her stories and posts. As a young woman dedicated to the arts, Noam Alon raises the bar as she sets her eyes for a career on the silver screen. Her determination and passion for the screens earmark her as the next Gal Gadot, and to achieve this, she has started taking acting classes. 

In an interview, Noam shared her motivation for content creation. She said, “I fell into content creation at first. I just enjoyed posting pictures on Instagram for fun, and when I had some posts blow up, I realized that I could do it for fun and a living. After I finished serving in the Israel Defense Forces, I committed to building my brand and content creation with a newfound work ethic and abundance of time.”

In the coming years, Noam Alon has no intention of slowing down her game. “In 5 years, I see myself as not only one of the biggest influencers and models, but also one of the biggest actresses. I want to inspire other Israeli girls in the same way Gal Gadot has inspired me in my journey. Realizing my dreams as a model has made me realize anyone can achieve their dreams,” she shared. 

To learn more about Noam Alon and take a peek at her creative content, visit her Instagram page. 

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