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Nobody Studios Introduces a New Way of Building Businesses that Empowers Everyone to Build Wealth

The world of business is constantly changing, and it is happening very fast. The coming of year 2023 will also see the rise of new businesses that will embrace a new way of doing things thanks to Nobody Studios, a venture studio that is leveraging the power of its crowd to reduce time and cost to market by 40%. It is empowering even ordinary people to create wealth by making venture-building, investing, and wealth creation available to everyone. 

Nobody Studios designed its ventures in such a way that investors, founders, and builders alike benefit from everything the company creates perpetually. This is on top of owning a portion of the companies they work on. This emerging approach is truly extraordinary and is attracting top executives from various industries after seeing the potential of the ventures. Its current leadership team is made up of executives from big companies such as Amazon, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Skype, Stripe, and Volkswagen. These exceptional talents work side by side with a team of 100 employees and consultants who are spread out in different locations: Los Angeles, London, Manila, New York, and Tel Aviv.

Today, Nobody Studios is poised to develop 100 businesses in the next five years, an ambitious goal that its leadership team is committed to achieving. 

“To accomplish our goal of 100 companies in five years (and many more in the following years), we’ll need a tremendous amount of talent, influence, and capital,” said Tiffany Hansen, vice president of operations at Nobody Studios. “And we want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of it.”

“We truly believe we’re doing something right that has never been done before,” said Mark S. McNally, Nobody Studios Chief Nobody (or CEO). “If we stay humble, ideate radically, and execute intensely, we’re positive this will be the kind of adVenture you’ll tell your grandkids about.”

Nobody Studios’ venture studio model offers plenty of benefits, including having the ability to pause, merge, or split companies in a portfolio to reduce risks and unlock value. Owners can also connect with other Nobodies to ideate, test, and launch businesses across the globe by leveraging their existing networks, relationships, and local knowledge of the businesses in their respective regions. The model could also attract world-class talents by simply giving contributors bigger ownership of the business they help to launch at the onset. Additionally, owners and investors can expect more frequent returns as a result of more frequent exits of their portfolio companies. This can also easily translate to greater wealth creation for everyone in the studio.

“Nobody Studios is pioneering the future for venture building, investing, and ownership. We’ve built a business to create startups at a velocity and scale never seen before—and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to ideate, contribute and own a part of it with us,” McNally added.

Currently, there are 14 startups in development, and some of the most interesting companies in Nobody Studios’ portfolio are ThoughtForma, Ovationz, Webdelics, and Parentipity, among others. 

Nobody Studios is now a crowd-infused company creation machine that cannot be stopped. It has successfully achieved what a lot of people thought impossible in the past – gathering creators, entrepreneurs, and investors to work together on an initiative that has the potential to impact multiple lives long-term. 

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