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Noctex is keeping the creativity flowing

A brand that has revolutionized handmade fashion in Canada and US by bringing forth designs never seen before is none other than Noctex. With collections that revolve around themes of growth and change, the approach of the brand is to introduce innovative and unique attire. While Noctex currently has numerous creative designers on its team, the distinctive approach adopted by it is based on the vision of Negin Izad.

Negin started drawing designs at the tender age of seven. Being so young, she didn’t know much about fashion, but she always found herself getting attached to certain clothes for years at a time. If she liked a pair of pants, she would wear them day after day. Even then, she would focus on how the clothes made her feel instead of blindly following the trends. At the age of 14, she started making outfits that were fused with different styles. Negin mixed metal, punk, and alternative scenes to create clothes that were not generic. Hence, she stood out no matter what she wore. By the time she was 18, she had learned the art of fashion.

The philosophy of Noctex is to create unique clothes that can be introduced into our lifestyles with ease. The brand sells everything from tops and dresses to denim, patches, stickers, boots, cruelty-free cosmetics, nail polish, jewelry, and accessories. If you haven’t checked out Noctex yet, you are missing out since the brand is a trailblazer in introducing innovative and trendy designs. Here’s why you should give this creative brand a shot: 

Developing unique designs

When visiting Noctex, expect to be served with creations that are eccentric and comfortable. And yes, the assortment is one that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Talking about the customers, Negin shares, “Our loyal clientele describe our style as the ‘grown-up goth’ like you are still cool and have your sick playlists, but you have a job and got to have something to wear to that formal event. It’s for people who want that grungy utilitarian look.” One thing is for sure, no matter which style statement you opt for, an outfit from Noctex will make you look sassy and perfect. 

Choosing comfort first 

Since childhood, Negin has always opted for comfort first, and she wants her customers to feel the same way. “I picture our customers a lot like myself,” reveals Negin, “They aren’t dressing for Instagram or influencer pictures, they are dressing for real life, and real life is busy and messy. At the end of the day, you just want to feel good in what you are wearing and know it will take you from morning to night.”

Use of deadstock textile

The mainstream fashion industry is responsible for over 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. This makes it one of the leading culprits in the world. To counter the damage already done, many brands are now aiming to reduce the volume of waste created through the textile industry. Using deadstock textiles is one of the environmental-friendly ways of creating fashion. Deadstock is the leftover stock in textile mills, where the material usually rots away in the factory till it’s eventually discarded. Hence, utilizing it to create clothes is a much more viable option. According to Negin, although deadstock is not perfect, it’s an avenue that allows the brand to cut back on virgin material extraction while providing lower price-point items to the customers. Negin decided to use deadstock since she worked at a vintage shop in 2011 and is aware that at least 90% of the collection is discarded in the end. So why not revamp those items and save the planet? 

Not following the typical trend 

The fact is that one shouldn’t follow a fashion trend blindly, especially if it doesn’t fit one’s personality. This is exactly what the concept behind Noctex is – the brand creates clothes that are comfortable, sustainable, and include that special timeless detail. “I wanted to make clothes that revolved around people’s daily lives, not events or special occasions,” explains Negin, adding that fashion trends come and go; hence the idea is to not follow the typical trend.

Due to the dire impact of climate change in the form of natural disasters, it has become crucial for every industry to opt for options that cause the least harm to the environment. And by using a different approach to fashion, Noctex has kept creativity flowing in the fashion world while doing its bit for the planet! If you are one of those who want to stand out from the crowd, check out the brand and develop a style that is bound to make heads turn.

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