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Now’s The Best Time to Invest In Automation. Leo Horacio, Founder of An Automation Agency, Explains Why

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In the ever-evolving world of business, automation has shifted from being a mere convenience to a necessity. The unprecedented challenges companies face today have created an urgent need for them to adopt automation to remain competitive and relevant, making now the best time to invest in these technologies.

Automation refers to the use of technology to automate tasks and processes that were previously done manually. It applies to almost any industry — from manufacturing to healthcare, to customer service and e-commerce.

Leo Horacio is a Latino entrepreneur who co-founded Luna Automation Agency, one of the fastest-growing automation agencies servicing clients across the United States and Latin America. As an e-commerce automation expert, he has helped numerous businesses achieve their maximum potential by streamlining operations and providing excellent customer service through effective automation technologies.

Horacio’s expert insights on automation

Horacio believes now is the perfect opportunity for companies to adopt automation and optimize their day-to-day operations. He looks at automation as a way for businesses to become more relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace, with manual and non-revenue-generating tasks delegated electronically instead of using precious manpower.

The pandemic has also brought relevant shifts in how things work, making automation critical to a company’s survival in a post-pandemic era. Multiple businesses across nearly all industries have seen the disadvantages of a disrupted global supply chain, leading to a shortage of raw materials and delivery delays. Prohibiting human interactions has also caused various changes, leading to many businesses permanently closing down. Horacio explains that automating operations can reduce dependence on human labor and ensure continuity in their operations. 

In addition, automation can help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency. Horacio explains, “The pandemic has forced businesses to cut costs and optimize their operations to survive. Automation can help companies achieve this objective by automating routine and repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and increasing productivity.”

Despite these benefits, Horacio believes automation has been pivotal in providing an excellent customer experience. Businesses that maximize the power of automation deliver high-level customer expectations such as automated customer interactions, real-time support, and personalized recommendations.

An entrepreneurial mindset

Horacio is not new in the automation industry, particularly specializing in e-commerce automation. After immigrating to the United States from Latin America at age 11 because of a tragic family incident, Horacio focused on developing his online entrepreneurial mindset. 

He established his own advertising agency at 17 through hard work, perseverance, and sheer talent. This exposed him to the benefits of e-commerce, leading him to shift his business model to focus on helping clients build their online stores through efficient automation techniques. The new approach was so effective that Horacio earned his first million dollars at age 22 through the tremendous success of his business.

“The road to success was definitely not easy. It was with numerous failures and setbacks, but I was able to rise above these challenges and share this success to many businesses and communities as well,” Horacio explains. 

Horacio also contributes his success to his hard-working team, who are experts in every area of the business – market research, product, branding, importation, logistics, marketing, and customer service. They also speak three languages – English, Spanish, and Portuguese, enabling them to expand their market and reach globally. 

“We are united with one goal of providing efficient and effective solutions to businesses in the entire e-commerce sector. Our unique experiences have allowed us to build and develop relevant technologies that keep business running smoothly with our clients being satisfied,” Horacio proudly shares. 

Horacio’s success is proven by its impressive numbers. His three businesses generate over 25 million in annual revenue, and his clients’ stores have already surpassed 100 million in total sales. He is also currently working with 9,000 clients and 300+ investors worldwide.

Sharing his success

Over the past eight years, Horacio and his automation technology have helped multiple businesses achieve unprecedented growth and excellence, yet he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. He shares that his ultimate goal is to impact thousands of lives and make a positive change in the whole Latino community.

Beyond helping his clients, Horacio takes his expertise to social media, using his Instagram to share his relevant insights and practical lessons about e-commerce with his community of more than 10,000 followers. This attests to his passion for using his extensive background in technology to help others succeed.

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