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NW Premier – Creative Financial Solutions Bookkeeping and Financial Consulting Sees Accelerated Growth across the Country

The Vancouver-based bookkeeping and financial consulting firm NW Premier is currently undergoing unprecedented growth across the country. This recent development is all thanks to a beneficial year for the company that saw it eclipsing the growth records set in its first year of business. As a gesture of appreciation for this feat, most realtors that work with NW Premier received a 10 percent raise from their creative tax strategy savings.

For Mike Ross and Nathan Ganz, the founders of the consulting firm, this record-breaking achievement is a long-held vision that has finally been turned into reality. Both founders outlined that their mission for the firm is to make it the number one trusted financial advocate for clients. They also want to ensure that they help their clients keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Culling from their combined wealth of experience that spans over ten years, Ross and Ganz understand that clients need strategic and reliable tax strategists. Hence, they have gone on to satisfactorily fill this role by often finding more than enough tax savings to offset the fees they charge clients for their services.

Though the present achievement is laudable, both founders are still not resting on their laurels. As a matter of fact, they have set a lofty goal to have a registered presence in all 50 states within the next four years. Seeing as they are already in 16 states, it is certainly possible that they will achieve their goal in the time planned. The firm currently employs the services of six highly qualified bookkeepers who can hold their own anywhere in the country. These bookkeepers have offices in Washington, California, Florida and Oregon. In addition, most of their bookkeepers have more than ten years of experience and are specifically trained to work with realtors.

Within its bookkeeping department, the firm prides itself on three major areas: visibility, communication, and finding missed opportunities. After taking on a specific niche that requires working with realtors, NW Premier has since accelerated its expansion into the market. The firm plans to leverage its present momentum to hire more bookkeepers in the near future, even as it simultaneously registers its presence in all 50 states.

As NW Premier clears the halfway mark into 2022, the firm aims to not only double its growth but also to set a new industry standard of providing the best communication, customer service, and results to its clients. Meanwhile, the firm is always eager to take on new clients interested in trying out its world-class services. So if one finds tax season to be quite hectic or is simply in the market for a new bookkeeper, NW Premier might just be the right option. 

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