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OD THE JEW Puts His Media Talents to Good Use, Helping Businesses and Brands Succeed Through Collaboration

It takes a lot of talent, creativity, and perseverance to truly survive in the media industry. Grit is also an essential piece of the puzzle called success, and Odirin Adidi, more famously known as OD THE JEW, has all the makings of a great entrepreneur, author, and media professional. He has worked with countless personalities and people from all walks of life, making him and his company adaptable to the many needs of his clients. 

This versatility has been one of OD THE JEW’s strong suits. Early in life, he didn’t really get the chance to truly shine in his own way. Odirin is a Nigerian Jew who was born in Delta State and raised in Harlem. He later moved to Westchester for high school since he would get expelled from Mount St. Michael Academy when he was 14 years old. The unfortunate incident led him to take the reins of his own life and make a name for himself no matter what.

OD THE JEW began his media career recording for DJ Spade and Weed World Candies. He would create and maintain their internet presence and garner a lot of buzz and attention for both esteemed brands. The great thing about OD THE JEW and his company is the fact that they are always hands-on with everything. “We have experienced all walks of life and can adapt to any situation or personality,” proudly claimed Odirin. 

As a renowned media man, OD THE JEW has worked with countless models, influencers, small business owners, upcoming talents, and even restaurants. He has over 87,000 hours of editing experience which allows him to have the edge over his competition. Odirin also has a strong network of individuals as he personally knows all the big players in various industries, especially in the music world.

When asked about what motivated him to build his brand, OD THE JEW said: “At some point in your life, you get tired asking people and then getting the runaround where eventually you teach yourself to do it. The way the world works now is so selfish, especially in business, so I would rather be able to create and sell content on my own than to rely on someone else’s imagination.”

In the near future, OD THE JEW envisions his logo becoming the next big thing in the mainstream. “I see my logo being more recognized than Nike. Just because it’s simple and it’s already a part of our world today.” Apart from his own business, Odirin is also a well-respected author. He penned the book “12 AM: How to Go Out in NYC in 12 Steps,” which is currently available on Amazon. As the name implies, the book is a short guide on how to party like a rockstar in New York City, without having to spend like one.

With all the success that he has amassed over the years, there’s nowhere to go but up from here for OD THE JEW, and it’s exciting to see how much further he will rise in the years to come.

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