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Oil Mist Collection System Installed in Aerospace Manufacturing to Enhance Workplace Safety

Aerospace Manufacturing Corporation, a pioneer in the production of precise aircraft equipment, is always looking for new ways to safeguard employee health. The management of the aerospace industry was concerned about the health risks posed by the oil mist produced by the petroleum-based coolants and lubricants commonly utilized in the metalworking sector. Petroleum coolants are used by metalworkers to lessen heat and friction produced by machining and cutting equipment and to enable more accurate cuts. The coolants become mist when heated by friction, which poses major health risks to anybody who touches or breathes it in.

Lung fibrosis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, and lung cancer can all be brought on by inhaling oil mist. OSHA set a 5 mg/m3 threshold limit for oil mist exposure as a result of these health risks. To adhere to the exposure limit, it is advised that each metalworking facility implement a metalworking fluid system management program. In order to promote a better and healthier working environment, Clean Air Company designed and implemented an oil mist recovery system in Aerospace’s plant, which provides source capture at each of the 16 operating lathes.

According to the project’s specifications, Clean Air Company had to develop a system that could move 11,000 CFM of air through 16 ceiling-mounted fume extraction arms and a waterproof duct network that would carry the vapor outside to a mist collector. Maximum placement flexibility was made possible by mounting 360-degree rotating Plymovent fume extraction arms next to all of the lathes and centerless grinders in Aerospace’s facility. This allowed for the collection of contaminants at the sources of generation. A Chevron mist impinger and high-efficiency filters that last approximately 18 months before needing maintenance are included in the Filter-1 mist collector. The oil mist collector’s hinged and gasketed doors provide simple access to the filters, making them simple and quick to change.

US Duct manufactures a leak-proof gasketed pipe duct system with mechanically sealed seams that transports oil to a heavy-gauge cabinet with all-welded construction and a slanted drain pan that catches the oil mist as it drips out.

Aerospace Manufacturing is satisfied with the oil mist collection system that Clean Air Company installed because it not only eases worries about hazardous oil mist in the workplace and complies with legal requirements but also offers several additional advantages, such as reducing corporate liability, lowering the expense of equipment maintenance, extending the lifespan of industrial equipment and enhancing HVAC system effectiveness by avoiding oil mist accumulation, reducing employee absence due to sickness at work, increasing staff morale, and increasing worker safety by getting rid of slippery surfaces.

The staff at Aerospace Manufacturing are happier and more appreciative of the management group since they are now working in a cleaner, more code-compliant workplace.

Companies from various business sectors have trusted Clean Air Company for more than 35 years to design, install, and maintain their oil mist collecting systems. Clean Air Company has earned its stellar reputation by installing properly engineered mist collection systems that enhance workplace safety, lower employee absenteeism, assist the company in complying with OSHA regulations, and increase workplace productivity.

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