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Olympic-Level Sportsmanship

Olympic-Level Sportsmanship
Photo Courtesy: Wu YouRuo

By: Geoffrey King

How Table Tennis Prodigy Wu YouRuo is Rising Through the Ranks

At the young age of 20, Wu Youruo has already made a name for herself in the fast-paced sport of table tennis. With the current 10th ranking among women, according to USATT, she has proven rapid growth as a master. With table tennis as an Olympic sport since 1988, Youruo has a promising future with an ambitious goal to participate in the Olympics. 

Wu began her table tennis training at the age of 5, with the encouragement and guidance of her mother. Wu’s determination and spirit were evident even as a little girl. Wu never wavered despite the challenges and the physical toll of rigorous training – sometimes up to seven hours a day. “I am a person of stubborn character,” she recalls. “I always ensure I complete the training tasks set by my coach to the best of my ability until I master them.” Her tenacity has certainly paid off over the years, earning her accolades at a young age, including championships at the US OPEN, as well as multiple national titles across various age groups.

Behind Wu’s success is not only her stubbornness and determination but also guidance from renowned coaches. World Cup champion Guo Yan and national coach Yan Yongguo have been instrumental in her development over the years. Their approach is holistic, focusing not only on technical skills but also on mental fortitude. “Playing table tennis is not just about technique,” Wu says. “It’s more about mentality.” This principle has deeply influenced her career.

Wu’s accomplishments have expanded beyond national borders. She has had significant victories in the United States, including various categories at the prestigious US OPEN Table Tennis Championships. Her rankings have shot from 100+ to 10th. This table tennis prodigy has more than shown the table tennis sports world her enormous potential.


But as Wu reflects on her journey from that five-year-old little girl picking up a paddle for the first time up to this point, she sees her growth as more than just the skills she’s learned. “Sportsmanship goes beyond winning or losing. Table tennis has taught me to maintain a brave and persistent heart and strive forward in pursuing my dreams.” This is obvious in her passion and perseverance. Despite setbacks, as many athletes experience, Wu continues pushing herself to be better, not just technically but within herself.

Looking ahead, Wu envisions herself steadily ascending in the rankings, steadfastly pursuing her dreams with unwavering determination. Her unwavering commitment and tenacity make it evident that she is poised to achieve her aspirations. As she herself affirmed, her stubborn resolve fuels her relentless pursuit, and she has no intention of relenting. With poise, grace, unyielding drive, and resolute stubbornness, she will persist in her journey in table tennis until she attains mastery to the fullest extent of her capabilities.

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Geoffrey King is a freelance sports journalist from Boston. He resides in Northborough, MA, and he is eagerly awaiting the Olympics this summer.

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