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On His Rustic Cowboy Lifestyle and Viral Videos: Nick Luciano Shared How He Did It

Showcasing the rustic lifestyle of a western cowboy to over four million followers on TikTok, it’s safe to say that Nick Luciano is one of the most promising content creators of his generation. At 24 years-old, Nick has continually amazed fans across the globe with his videos that amplify hope, joy, and positivity.

Nick Luciano has been making videos for 11 years. Beginning his journey in the small town of Northeast Maryland, humbly yet creatively recording with a camcorder and an iPod, documenting bits of his simple life. When he got hold of a smartphone, Nick began uploading videos to YouTube. Later on, he transitioned to Vine, gained over 30,000 followers on the platform, and used his account to express himself creatively. But his flourishing career in Vine eventually ended with the downfall of the platform.

It was then that Nick Luciano felt disheartened and doubted his future as a full-time content creator. Instead, he decided to focus on his education, pursuing an engineering degree at the University of North Texas College of Engineering. Nick graduated in 2019 with a 4.0 GPA and eventually landed a job with the US Army as a mechanical engineer, a position that required him to work with high-speed cameras. Hence, reviving his passion for filmmaking.

Nick Luciano also met two mentors along his journey, helping him become an even better videographer and encouraging him to build his own brand. Inspired to venture into content creation again, the creative launched the Luciano Media LLC, embodying his cowboy spirit and the lifestyle he made after moving to Texas two years into college. Through his company, Nick was able to share his expertise with other people by creating wedding videos and promotional films.

“I then realized I was able to merge my love for the western lifestyle and content creation. I continued to learn more about filmmaking and cameras, and I soon realized I now had an outlet to express my other creative passions that includes motivational speaking and cinematography,” said Nick Luciano.

After quite some time, Nick Luciano landed on TikTok. He was intrigued by the opportunities on the platform. With the right tools and a positive mindset, Nick proceeded to create comedy skits, personal video projects, and footage of animals on his ranch.

“It took me an entire year to earn 100,000 followers, which was a huge accomplishment. This is where the Luciano Western Wear clothing line was born, which enabled me to spread positivity through my content and also through apparel. So I developed the slogan ‘Bulletproof Mindset, Strive For Excellence,’” Nick shared. Today, the Luciano Western Wear clothing is worn and patronized by hundreds across the country, inspiring them to embrace the western lifestyle and spread positivity.

Nick Luciano relentlessly grew his brand until he uploaded a video that took his career to another level. With his Sugar Crash video on TikTok, Nick immediately became recognizable as “The Sugar Crash Guy.” The video boosted his followers from 600,000 to four million. The Sugar Crash video currently has over 220 million views and 43 million likes. 

As one of the few cowboys on TikTok, Nick Luciano is easily noticeable because of his versatility and uniqueness. “I have the eye to capture this lifestyle in its perfect light while also educating people on horses and agriculture,” said the content creator. “I make a commitment to always improve. There has always been an urge for me to share that with the world. I believe we all have a purpose, and if I can be a role model for someone to find theirs, then it is all worth it.”

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