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Ondre Gipson aka Drizz Builds True Hustler, a Brand for all Socio-economic Class

What started as a love for parties and entertainment in college has grown into a thriving brand conquering different frontiers and appealing to people from all walks of life. Ondre Gipson, also known as Drizz, has taken his love for bringing people together to build True Hustler, a successful company that has become an identity for different people. Having the “TH” insignia has become a thing of joy to many people as it makes them feel in charge of business and getting the work done.

True Hustler Entertainment started as an event organizing business when Drizz was in college. He began selling customized merchandise to promote those events, and the merchandise took off in the student community. He was organizing successful sold-out events with sold-out apparel to go with them. People started attending those events because of the merchandise, as it made them feel like a big part of the whole setup. Not long after, Drizz had an apparel line that designed sweatsuits, hoodies, etc., and the journey for his clothing line started.

Since 2018, True Hustler has evolved into a luxury streetwear brand that everyone loves and identifies with. “Hustle is a term everyone can relate to because everyone goes to work and grinds every day. We give them something to make them feel good about their work and efforts through our merchandise products. Whether it’s the super-rich or those at the lower ends of the social ladder, True Hustler serves as the bridge and common identity they all share,” Ondre explains. “Everyone has a story to tell. The struggle is real with everyone, and the hustle is a constant part of everyone’s lives. With True Hustler, we show that there isn’t much that differentiates us from one another,” he adds.

True Hustler Entertainment taps into the psychology and emotions of its customers to attract them. The brand offers something to everyone while retaining its luxury appeal. A product from True Hustler can be found in high-rise offices, board rooms, basketball courts, trenches, and projects. There is no discrimination because the brand aligns with the common goal that everyone worldwide has, which is “hustle to become winners.” “The goal is to serve as a stamp of approval in all walks of life. Once someone sees those two letters (TH) on your cufflinks, lab coat, blazer, T-shirt, sweatsuit, coffee mug, etc., they know; you mean business,” Drizz says.

Drizz plans to expand True Hustler into the home and living space niche with the intended launch of its “Kiss the Chef” brand. The plan is to add kitchen utensils and tools to its product line and dominate that space, and, in five years, become one of the biggest brands in the world.

True Hustler Entertainment has enjoyed astronomical growth in the last three years since it was established, and Ondre is all about showing other budding entrepreneurs that anything is possible. “I want them to keep hustling and be motivated to keep going.”

Learn more about True Hustler Entertainment on the official website.

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