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Overcoming Adversity: How Jessica Armstrong Used Her Own Challenges to Help Others Succeed

Jessica Armstrong
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As the sun set over the Alaskan wilderness, Jessica Armstrong found herself at a pivotal moment, reflecting on her challenges and realizing she had neglected her inner purpose. Jessica, also known as ‘The AHA Coach,’ is a life coach, entrepreneur, and founder of the 7 Week Success Coaching for Real Estate Agents program. Despite challenges and adversity, Jessica was able to turn her life around and help others with the insight she gained. 

Through healing and growth, Jessica discovered her natural talent for coaching and began exploring life coaching to help others. Her program teaches people to overcome obstacles, release expectations, and achieve mental fortitude. From experience, she believes finding one’s purpose is the best place to start.

Starting from scratch

Jessica’s journey began when she took a solo sea kayaking trip in Alaska, where she connected with her inner self and listened to the story she was meant to hear all along. It showed her that giving in to the influence of others had only brought feelings of hopelessness and depression. Finding a career in Marketing after graduating from college had been difficult, and the future life coach ended up overworked in a restaurant management position. Before starting the job, Jessica was coping with alcohol, and hitting rock bottom led her to embark on her sea kayaking trip. 

The trip was pivotal for the life coach, who experienced a monumental shift that put her on a new trajectory. She realized many things mattered more to her than just surviving, such as being connected, healthy, and creative. Jessica didn’t know then that, upon her return, she would be let go from the restaurant. It was a life change that would prove positive for both the life coach and her future clients.

Truth, transformation, and Travis

Getting closer to her true purpose, Jessica moved to Indiana to stay with her grandparents, where she created a plan to bring her closer to her goals. One was to be around nature, so she spent a couple of days applying to ski resorts, ranches, and anything with outdoor activities and employee housing. A few weeks later, she was on a flight to Colorado, where she started a new life. 

The first couple of years were difficult for Jessica, who was still in the service industry and using alcohol to cope. Then, Travis came into her life, the man who would set her next impactful transformation in motion. Travis and Jessica began dating, and he encouraged her to quit drinking and start living a healthier lifestyle. Jessica overcame her addiction and shifted her focus to self-growth and self-development. She discovered she had a natural talent and began exploring life coaching as a way to help others. 

Superpowered success

Jessica’s 7 Week Success Coaching for Real Estate Agents program helps people go from feeling overwhelmed to thriving in their careers. With her unique approach, Jessica helps agents identify their goals, strengths, and areas for improvement and creates actionable plans for success. Jessica’s coaching equips agents with the mindset, habits, and skills to fulfill their potential. Above all else, the life coach encourages her clients to stay true to their purpose, as her experiences have taught her the consequences of straying from it.

Today, through her business Jessica Armstrong Co., the life coach does for others what she has done for herself: finding organic confidence and self-love. She has space for her clients to work out where they want to go, their fears about getting there, and what is holding them back. She has a deep understanding and connection to how past traumas, addiction, and external influences impact self-talk, self-love, and self-confidence. A challenging life has become her superpower, the intuition to guide others to awareness, acceptance, and action.

In a world where it’s often easier to hide struggles and pain, Jessica Armstrong’s story is an example of how embracing past traumas can lead to powerful transformation. By sharing her addiction, self-doubt, and self-discovery journey, Jessica has proven that it’s possible to go from rock bottom to change the world. Her coaching program is about achieving success, embracing purpose, and finding fulfillment in personal growth. Through her guidance, her clients learn to liberate themselves and gain the confidence to create the life they truly desire.

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