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P-Valley S2 Ratings Soar With Cameos from Big Freedia, Gail Bean, and TJ Jackson

Starz’s P-Valley returns bigger than ever for its second season, proving record growth on the premium cable outlet’s streaming app. The Pynk crew gathered 4.5 million viewers across platforms in the United States over its first three days, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

The previous season ended with Hailey (Elarica Johnson) paying cash to purchase The Pynk in the finale, with Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan). This season the new business partners pivot their business into a lockdown-acceptable drive-thru in which the lure of bumping-and-grinding, car-washing and free wings has helped to keep some dancers and other employees on the payroll. 

Episode 3 is one for the books! Can we say Surprise Surprise!? Who better than a special cameo from Freddie Ross Jr. better known by her stage name Big Freedia, American rapper known for her work in the New Orleans genre of hip hop called bounce music. The star recently teamed up with Beyonce for the 2nd time for the Queen’s latest “Break my Soul” single. Big Freedia brings her New Orleans magic to the screen as only she knows how to introduce Lil Murda and Keyshawn to the stage. The dynamic duo takes their collaboration to new heights but will it be too much when Keyshawn returns home to her family.

P-Valley season 2 takes it up a notch as the third episode kicks off with a hot steamy scene from New Comer Actress Gain Bean most known for her role as “Wanda” on FX’s hit series “Snow Fall”. She joins the ladies down at Pynk as one of the new dancers who gives Mercedes (Brandee Evans) a run for her money. The Jaw dropping scene is unforgettable as “Roulette” keeps viewers on the edge of their seat when she decides to up the stakes to earn more cash. Will breaking the rules cost her everything or is there a new boss in town?

Speaking of “edge of seat”, Tyler Perry’s Ruthless star TJ Jackson makes his debut down at the Pynk as “Birthmark”, who’s on the search for special “services” only Roulette ( Gail bean) can offer. Let’s just say word of mouth travels. Viewers are spooked to see how things will unfold between the two. Does Roulette need to watch her back? Is Birthmark someone from her past? Meanwhile Birthmark can be seen very frustrated in the latest episode when his needs aren’t met. 

Creators say the newcomers are intentionally designed to be different from those already there, all of P-Valley’s characters have a “certain level of grit and hustle” because it’s what they need to survive.

Grammy Award winning Hip Hop star Megan Thee Stallion is also set to head down to the pynk. The star wrote and recorded an original song for the new season to be featured in a later episode. This isn’t the first “Tina Snow” cameo. In season one the “Hot Girl,” was featured in a memorable montage where Mercedes (Brandee Evans) and Autumn Night (Elrica Johnson) were in costume pulling off a scam for fast money.

Catch News Episodes of P-Valley Season 2 on Sundays only on Starz.

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