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Papa Will – Using the Art of Storytelling for Teaching Values to Children

Storytelling is one powerful way to put healthy and important ideas into a child’s mind. Some stories have sufficiently meaningful lessons; that when kids read or hear them, they try to mimic what’s there. Lessons on honesty, kindness, and empathy are often reflected in kids’ stories, which makes these books a great method to teach them life lessons.

It is imperative that children start learning about morality at a young age. Many times, they learn considerably more effectively from stories than they would from even a simple lecture. Through the use of narratives, they can relate to, and supporting illustrations, stories have the power to hold the children’s attention.

However, to help children learn from the ideas and lessons, they need to become personally intrigued with the characters of the story. This makes writing for children’s books a bit tricky, as it requires a style that engages the young readers without overwhelming them or making them lose interest. Papa Will, has authored a book called “Pancake Piggy,” which has an interesting tale, captivating illustrations, and a wonderful lesson for children.

Papa Will’s Persuasive Writing Style

Books for young children tend to promote good moral values such as kindness, honesty, self-assurance, etc. However, this can be challenging as they have short attention spansand will leave a book without completing it if it fails to capture their imagination. To overcome this challenge, Papa Will emphasizes specifics about the characters, children can emulate.

There are thousands of books written about being kind, finding self-assurance, sharing, etc., many featuring princesses, magicians, animals, or dragons, but Papa Will has the expertise to transform even classically-recognized,mainstream characters into interesting people. Through his persuasive writing skills and the time, he devotes to developing each character and part of the story, this talented author captures timeless messages in a new, innovative way.

Pancake Piggy – A Story that Teaches Sharing

Pancake Piggy is a story of a young princess named Priscilla, who is described as having everything she could ever desire. One day she decides, that because she is a princess, she has the right to treat others the way she wants to and expects that they will continue to be her friends without objecting to her disrespectful behavior towards them. She suddenly refuses to share her favorite food with her friends – that would be pancakes, which she would happily eat for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, if her parents would only allow it.

The difficulty starts when she invites her friends to the castle to play and the cook makes plenty of pancakes for Priscilla and her friends, but she doesn’t want to share any of them. When her friends ask her to share her pancakes, she refuses and tells them to have their own at home. Her arrogant behavior costs her all her friends.

Her aunt, who is like a compassionate fairy Godmother, warns her that being selfish can have some very unhappy results, but helps her find a solution to her difficulties and teaches her how being selfish can not only be hurtful to others but also harm her as well.

Sharing is Caring – The Moral of the Story

The story emphasizes the virtues of sharing, kindness, and generosity. It engagingly teacheschildren how important sharing is for building friendships and getting along with others.

About Papa Will

Papa Will, former corporate executive and then pastor, is a man who values his family immensely and lives life to the fullest. He and his wife of 60+ years, live in Tennessee. They have four children and their spouses and eleven grandchildren, three of whom are married. The memories of reading stories to his grandchildren, and their discussions about them at the time, is what encouraged him to write for children later in life. With this first book published under his name and gaining great reviews from parents, teachers, and child specialists, he is currently working on numerous projects that will soon hit the shelves.

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