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Pasit Viwatkurkul: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Defense, Mstar Defense Raises $110 Million

Pasit Viwatkurkul: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Defense, Mstar Defense Raises $110 Million
Photo courtesy: Pasit Viwatkurkul

In an era of evolving geopolitical landscapes, the demand for cutting-edge defense solutions is more crucial than ever. Companies like Mstar Defense, a subsidiary of Mstar Holding, under the leadership of Pasit Viwatkurkul, a serial young entrepreneur, are stepping forward to meet this demand. His company aims to supply critical defense technologies for addressing current conflicts in 2024 and beyond.

During an interview with this young entrepreneur, Pasit Viwatkurkul stated, “At Mstar Defense, we understand the importance of collaboration in facing today’s complex global challenges. We actively engage in partnerships with governments, military agencies, and other defense contractors to ensure a collective and effective response to emerging threats. By fostering collaboration, we enhance the interoperability of our defense systems, creating a stronger defense network for nations in conflict.”

Coming from a tech background, what makes you want to enter this dangerous and challenging industry?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: In essence, my transition journey from a lengthy tech background to tackling the defense industry is fueled by the belief that the convergence of technology and defense holds the key to addressing the challenges of the modern battlefield. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, I aspire to equip government armed forces around the globe with the most advanced, versatile, and secure systems, contributing to a safer and strategically changing global security landscape.

The fusion of technology and military hardware/software holds immense potential for creating groundbreaking solutions. Leveraging my tech background, I aim to introduce innovations that enhance the efficiency, precision, and adaptability of defense systems. Incorporating increasing connectivity, ensuring the resilience of platforms against potential real-world and cyber threats is paramount.

Implementing advanced weapons, authentication protocols, real-world-friendly fire protocol, and cybersecurity measures will be integral to safeguarding troops worldwide from potential surprise vulnerabilities.

Pasit Viwatkurkul: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Defense, Mstar Defense Raises $110 Million


Are you aware of the controversy in the Defense industry, and how does that impact your mindset and morale?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: My awareness and the company extend beyond the technological and strategic aspects of the defense industry to the broader societal impacts. We understand that the development and deployment of military technologies can have profound consequences on human lives, international relations, and the environment. It is our commitment to approach this field with transparency, ethical oversight, and a dedication to responsible practices. Still, we also cannot be blind-sighted that the reality of today’s world is due to an increasing ongoing global conflict. There need to be more new generations like me, willing to dive in feet first and challenge the issues head-on.

Could you share insights into the market research and analysis your startup has conducted?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of the current state of the defense industry, examining global defense expenditures, emerging trends, and geopolitical dynamics influencing market demands. Unfortunately, the main challenge we continue to face is a shortage of raw materials, semiconductors, and other key components. However, the demand for support and operation is increasing, particularly by 1% per year in the U.S., as production for defense continuously ramps up. In the EU and NATO, defense spending pledges are expected to increase by 2% in 2024 alone, with a total spending from the EU at a record €240 billion in 2022. This is an increase by 6% on the previous year, marking the eighth year of consecutive growth. This is giving us signals that the world needs more defense and more companies like Mstar Defense to help with the global demands.

Have you received any potential investors and partnerships in this new venture?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: Recently, we signed agreements with large government organizations and private investors to support our vision. We have made a significant push to be a legitimate defense company, adhering to all international laws. While specific details are confidential, discussions are progressing positively, with a commitment to establishing strategic alliances contributing to the growth and success of our venture. The total amount raised in the first phase of funding is $110 million.

Pasit Viwatkurkul: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Defense, Mstar Defense Raises $110 Million


How does your company plan to secure additional investment or funding to support its expansion and research and development efforts within the defense industry?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: We understand the capital-intensive nature of the defense sector and the importance of continuous innovation to show our clients and the boards. As a company, we must explore opportunities for government grants and contracts that align with our research and development goals. Maintaining transparent and open communication with existing investors, showcasing our milestones, achievements, and the progress of ongoing projects is paramount to the company mission. Establishing trust and confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises is Mstar Holding/Mstar Defense’s #1 priority commitment.

With my leadership, I know I can reach that goal. My job is to assure both the investors and the production sides go as smoothly as possible, ensuring the organization’s success and long-term sustainability.

Can you elaborate on the expertise and experience of your team members in the defense and technology sectors?

Pasit Viwatkurkul: We are fortunate to have a team of advisors and partners with extensive experience in the military field and the private contracts sectors. Recognizing that collaboration is key, our team includes former generals, current and former politicians, and former executives from industry giants like Raytheon, BAE, Boeing, MBDA etc. Their wealth of experience provides confidence and knowledge, guiding our roadmap and helping us navigate obstacles in this challenging industry. Everyone on the team shares a direct focus on the end goal and company objectives, contributing to a strong and knowledgeable team which I am very proud of.


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