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Pastor Andrew F Carter Sheds Light on His Journey to Finding God and the Establishment of Royal City Church

With the world ushered into one of the darkest eras in modern history, many have found themselves struggling to move forward in their lives and often do so without a sense of fulfillment, going about their daily routine, with a lack of purpose. As the night seems to stretch long and dark, Pastor Andrew has been preaching loud enough to echo his voice and guide people into the light.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Pastor Andrew has been leading Royal City Church along with his wife, Kyra. Their mission is to spread the gospel throughout the community and the world. As the lead pastor, Pastor Andrew uses his story to encourage, motivate, and inspire others.

Unlike most churchmen who spent most of their lives in the practice, Pastor Andrew grew up on the opposite side of the spectrum. He did not grow up in a church or have access to mentors or individuals to help strengthen his spiritual walk with God. Instead, Pastor Andrew came from a non-traditional religious background.

The pastor’s upbringing saw him live out his youth in foster care. There he was surrounded by a lifestyle that would have put him on a dark path as drugs, sex, and violence ran rampant. Yet, Pastor Andrew overcame being just another statistic despite all the temptation by shifting his focus on his studies. He would earn two college degrees and start a business that would generate success for the would-be pastor. 

Despite the success he amassed, Pastor Andrew felt something was missing. He attempted to fill the voice with the promises of the world but often came up empty. Eventually, Pastor Andrew wound up going to prison for 18 months, but he found his way to Jesus during that time.

Like most, Pastor Andrew F Carter wanted to share the good news with people. He sought to connect with other established ministries but found that there was something off with the tradition of religion in the community. He had been pushed away and rarely felt connected or accepted due to his background. Finally, however, Pastor Andrew decided to utilize social media to help his cause.

Using TikTok, he was propelled into the spotlight, giving him the idea to utilize Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. People were moved by his stories of overcoming the obstacles life threw at him. Together with his wife, Kyra, the couple started the non-profit organization, Andrew F Ministries, and later founded Royal City Church.

“My wife and I have experienced so much growth over the last 12 months. We have started a non-profit, a church, and traveled spreading the gospel,” shared the pastor. “In the next five years, I believe it will be a church celebrated nationwide because of the impact that it will make in the community. I’m praying that over the next five years, the love and atmosphere that we create will bring people in from all walks of life from all over the world.”

Learn more about Pastor Andrew F Carter by visiting his official website. You can also visit Royal City Church.

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