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Paul Jason Staehle’s Propulsion into Stardom through Reality Series

Paul Jason Staehle is a 37-year old American citizen known for starring in the popular relationship reality TV show, “90-day Fiancé.” Before he got on the show, he worked in Information Technologies, and since he appeared on the show, his life has taken a turn. His marriage with Karine Martins Staehle has been under public scrutiny over the past three years since they got married.

Paul was born in Louisville, Kentucky and he became known when he starred in the 90-day Fiance spinoff series, “90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” He appeared on the show alongside his Brazilian partner, Karine Martins, to who he got married on November 3, 2017. Apart from starring in the hit reality series, one of the most noteworthy things Paul Jason Staehle did over the last few years is traveling to the Amazon rainforest, getting married, and starting his own family.

Many people know Paul Jason Staehle for the reality TV show, but Paul is putting in work to get known for other things outside television. He believes he brings a unique type of humor to the table, which is a distinctive factor for his brand. Over the last decade, Paul Jason Staehle has worked hard to build a brand worthy of support and emulation. He has worked hard to leave his past behind him while navigating through one of the rockiest relationships in public view.

While on the 90-day Fiancé show, it was revealed that Paul was convicted of felony arson in 2014 connected to his intent to defraud an insurer, which he committed in 2007. It was a controversial topic that mainly bordered around his relationship with Karine and how he kept secrets from her. They eventually got past that, and the revelation did not affect his spot in the TV show. Other than that, his relationship and marriage with Karine have come with ups and downs, but the past three years have seen them go from unstable to stable.

Paul Jason Staehle spent 18 months in jail, and at his sentencing, he was given probation and placed under court supervision until 2017. It was not until earlier this year that he became legally free and has since then been pulling all the stops to strengthen his personal brand and marriage. For 3 years, he has been under the watchful eye of the law, and now, he can finally put that episode behind him and work on building his brand up.

Paul Jason Staehle hopes that over the next few years, he gets the chance to showcase his abilities to the world and make sure his marriage works. He has been open about the love he has for his family despite all the ups and downs going on in his marriage. He has hopes that he will see his wife and son soon and hopefully get things back to normal. Paul Jason Staehle is living his life beyond what was captured by the reality television camera. He seems done living for entertainment and ready to embrace the new life he truly desires.Learn more about Paul Jason Staehle by following him on Instagram or Twitter.

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