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Peter Bronstein’s Digital Approach to Legal Services

Peter Bronstein’s Digital Approach to Legal Services

In the past, legal services followed a predictable narrative with a clear beginning, middle, and end. However, this narrative has undergone a significant transformation with technology integration into the legal landscape. Legal Stepz and Peter Bronstein took a groundbreaking approach by fusing the digital landscape with legal services to empower everyone with the knowledge they need to navigate the landscape.

In an increasingly digital world, clients expect to be assisted in a more agile way, even more so after COVID-19, when people had to socialize, have fun, buy, and, why not, resolve legal situations digitally. According to McKinsey & Company, the pandemic prompted a surge of new activities and made the public aware of the necessity of getting things faster since the scenario was uncertain.

Legal Stepz

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Something that seemed unimaginable twenty years ago is now part of many law firms. Among them are informatization and digitalization. The first form of bringing technology to the law is mainly based on organizing, categorizing and making the data available and accessible for those who need it. 

On the other hand, digitalization exists, which is another level of transformation in law firms. It goes beyond informatization through changing business models by enhancing value and adding innovation to the legal context by using technology to make it digital.

By observing how law was evolving digitally, the experienced lawyer Peter Bronstein also decided to invest in a tech approach, but with a big difference from the law firms: he aimed to make knowledge about jurisdiction more democratic and palatable to people.

Peter Bronstein

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With this thinking, Peter created Legal Stepz, a law firm focused on attending to entrepreneurs who need to create legal documents such as incorporating trademarks, wills, and divorces. What leverages Peter’s business is the fact his clients don’t have to wait weeks for a lawyer to fill out an important document; they learn how to do it by themselves through online courses!

The classes are developed and taught by an attorney, and if the client feels he didn’t achieve the legal knowledge he needed, the firm compromises itself to do the work. Peter Bronstein currently has three online law courses published on Legal Stepz that entrepreneurs ought not to miss: 

Incorporation Course

It might sound difficult, but the process of turning your idea into a business in legal terms can be easy with the help of this course. See how.

Limited Liability Company Course

Also known as LLC, this type of business brings more safety for entrepreneurs who can risk their investments. Learn more here.

Trademark Course

This course is made for those who want to take their companies to a greater level. Here, you will find complete guides on registering a trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Legal Digital Services Peter Bronstein’s mindset is making jurisdiction accessible to all people, empowering them with the knowledge to tackle the modern legal landscape head on.

Peter Bronstein, founder of Legal Stepz, brings over three decades of experience as a lawyer and accountant to his mission of democratizing legal knowledge. His innovative approach has been recognized in various publications, and he has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events. Join the Legal Stepz community to unlock his insights and empower your business with legal knowledge.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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