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Peter Diamond to Launch Highly Anticipated Book Titled “The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System”

Certified Bankability Expert™ and real estate expert Peter Diamond is set to soon release his highly anticipated book titled “The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System – a simple guide to building a cash-flowing portfolio without quitting your day job.” After countless times of working long hours and sleeping at the office floor for years, Peter was inspired to find a better way to generate wealth and income without sacrificing his  direct time – a method he expounds further in his book. It is specially designed to empower individuals who aspire to reach and live the American Dream to leverage the benefits of being in the real estate business and how it can generate passive, unlimited, and infinite wealth for the long term without the traditional way of trading time for money. 

“The American Dream is alive and well, and real estate is your ticket in,” revealed Diamond in his book, who believes that traditional real estate investing requiring huge amounts of hard capital is not the answer to bringing people to a phase in their lives when they no longer need to chase money. Most wage earners have no control over time or assets as they are often affected by the fluctuations that happen in the market.

Diamond believes that the residential real estate industry has a lot of untapped potential, and it can significantly impact the income of any hardworking individual through proper structure and bankability.

However, like all other ventures, being in real estate also necessitates a lot of training and discipline. Traditional real estate investment is always an option, but not for those who cannot produce massive amounts of hard capital of 25% down payments or more, factoring in the rehab. The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System offers a faster and more accessible method of purchasing real estate for regular folks – simple enough that anyone can scale a real estate portfolio without quitting their day job or having the large amounts of capital typically required to enter the game.  

Diamond successfully pioneered a very easy-to-follow system and provided a precise formula that anyone can apply in any market. It allows full-time professionals to enter the real estate game, obtaining self-compounding cashflow-producing assets without compromising their main source of livelihood. “Using the Diamond Wealth Real Estate System, I bought my first property without any of my own capital. In a little over two years, I acquired twenty properties worth over $7 million generating over $20,000 of monthly cashflow—all while maintaining my full-time, professional career,” he shared.

The system little money out of the pockets of its users. Interestingly enough. people can get their capital back in the end. Literally put you can get paid to buy. “By overfunding my loan on the buy side, creating future ARV based financing vs. the tradional contact price down payment, I had created the foundations of a method to investing in real estate that put money in my pocket, created long-term cash flow, and was scalable and teachable,” he added.

The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System offers users a mathematical formula that puts money in their pockets and allows them to scale their real estate empire much faster than the traditional and more common approach. One of the system’s noteworthy features is the buy-and-hold strategy, which paves the way for infinite returns in the long run. 

With his system serving as a guide, investors can only expect success when considering residential real estate investing the Diamond way. At the very least, the book will educate individuals to change the traditional and unscalable mindset that the only way to earn money is to trade time for money.  You can find out more about the book release by vising his site

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