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Playful Pandas: An NFT with a Love for Giving Back to the Community

For most people in the NFT market, the growth of non-fungible tokens has been an opportunity to gain. But for the NFT known as Playful Panda, the blockchain invention’s unprecedented increase is an opportunity to give back. The up-and-coming token has released a roadmap that lines up all kinds of giveaways to investors and charities in the coming years as it continues to increase. 

Playful Pandas are uniquely designed NFTs based on a panda character with various unique characteristics that make each token unique. The rising blockchain-based artwork got featured on the NFT YouTube channel called “Bitboy Crypto with Justin.” As it gears for an explosive launch, the people behind the NFT artwork have released a roadmap that outlines various charity projects and community giveaways as it grows. 

Playful Pandas was started by three people best known by their artist names—BigWangDan, Lozius, and Grmz. The team is also behind the panda paradise online community known as “The Sacred Temple,” which will become a virtual hangout for artists, collectors, and anyone with a heart to make a difference through social projects. 

Playful Pandas has a structured roadmap that will give back to community members and non-profit organizations as the company grows. Once the company hits 10% of NFT licenses sold to collectors, it will give out 20 Playful Panda tokens to random owners. At 20%, it intends to draw lots and give away mystic pandas. When it hits 40% of NFTs sold, the company will reward five ethereum for select people who have journeyed with the Playful Panda from the beginning. 

At 60%, Playful Pandas will give $25,000 to the World Wildlife Fund, then another $25,000 to a charity that will receive the most votes from The Sacred Temple community after hitting 70%. When the company hits 80%, it will create a liquidity pool for its playful pandas and then a hangout spot on Sandbox when it sells out.

Overall, the Playful Panda team is on a mission to give back to the community as it grows alongside its partners and investors. It hopes to create a strong community of people who resonate with social causes and want to become a part of a movement that helps fund and empower movements that make the world a better place for all. More than being an NFT on the market, Playful Pandas hopes to become a revolution of generosity and social impact while also giving people a chance to invest in a digital token that could promise massive returns as it grows in value due to the blockchain arbitrage. 

A Playful Panda contract is currently priced at 0.04 Ethereum per NFT plus gas fees and has a limit of up to 20 NFTs per transaction. NFTs have been all the rave as of late as many tokens have increased exponentially in value and made both collectors and creators mass amounts of revenue through this new blockchain evolution. 

Playful Pandas hopes to join the elite club of NFT winners and become a force for good in the Crypto world. Learn more about the NFT and read more about its contract by visiting its website, Instagram account, and Twitter account.

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