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PLC Detroit Announces New Campus; Unveils Foot Locker Footwear Creation Stu/deo

PLC Detroit Announces New Campus; Unveils Foot Locker Footwear Creation Stu/deo
Photo Courtesy: PLC Detroit

In an exciting development for the design industry, Pensole Lewis College (PLC Detroit) has announced its new campus and unveiled its latest innovation in collaboration with Foot Locker: the Foot Locker Footwear Creation Stu/deo. This cutting-edge facility, situated in the heart of Detroit at a Bedrock-owned property on 200 Walker Street, is set to become a beacon of creativity, offering unparalleled opportunities for aspiring designers and creatives in the footwear domain.

The inauguration of this studio marks a significant milestone for PLC Detroit, an institution that stands out as the only design-focused Historically Black College or University (HBCU). With a steadfast mission to lead and empower creative minds, PLC Detroit, through this new venture, will continue to sculpt a future where diversity and innovation are at the forefront of the design industry.

At the heart of the Foot Locker Footwear Creation Stu/deo is a promise of inspiration and opportunity. The facility, which spans over 5,000 square feet, offers state-of-the-art resources such as shoemaking workshops, sample-making services, and small footwear production capabilities. Its strategic location offers inspiring vistas of the Detroit River, providing an ideal backdrop for creativity and learning. This environment is a physical manifestation of PLC Detroit’s belief that education is the cornerstone of innovation and success in the design world.

The studio’s unveiling was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that saw the attendance of notable figures such as Garlin Gilchrist, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan; Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit; and Dan Gilbert, Chairman and Founder of Rocket Companies. Their presence underscores the collective vision and support for a project that promises to shape the future of design education and industry in Detroit and beyond.

Elliott Rodgers, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer at Foot Locker, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment to nurturing talent and promoting diversity within the fashion industry. His comments align with the values of both organizations, highlighting their commitment to fostering creative environments that drive innovation in the footwear industry.

PLC Detroit’s collaborative efforts with Foot Locker are a testament to the power of partnership in fostering educational excellence and industry innovation. The college’s approach to learning, which emphasizes practical experience and industry engagement, ensures that students are equipped with practical skills and real-world exposure necessary to excel in their careers.

Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, PLC Detroit’s President explained that the space will inspire the next generation of footwear creators and design visionaries, providing them with the resources and education to excel in the industry.

This initiative is also a reflection of the robust support from the Gilbert Family Foundation and other founding partners like Target, which helped to enable PLC Detroit to provide these transformative educational experiences. Their collective support is paving the way for a new generation of designers equipped with the skills, vision, and opportunities to succeed in the competitive industry.

Dan Gilbert’s commendation of PLC Detroit’s role in fostering innovation and creativity in Detroit highlights the city’s rich legacy as a hub of innovation. The collaboration with Foot Locker is a milestone in continuing this tradition, offering new pathways for success and embodying the city’s spirit of renewal and possibility.

PLC Detroit and Foot Locker are not just creating a space for learning; they are crafting a future where the next generation of designers is empowered to dream, innovate, and create. This partnership is a commitment to the future of design, offering a platform where the endless possibilities of creativity can be explored and realized.

For more information about PLC Detroit and the Foot Locker Footwear Creation Stu/deo, visit or follow them on Instagram at @plcdetroit. Join them in this exciting journey to redefine the landscape of design education and celebrate the fusion of talent, innovation, and passion that will shape the future of the footwear industry.


Published By: Aize Perez

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