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Preston Buhrmaster Announces Launch of NFT Collection TOTALLY WASTED

Numerous industries have grown more accessible to people from all walks of life because of the power of digital technology. In particular, the commercial realm has seen a surge of go-getters of all ages and backgrounds make a name for themselves, capitalizing on the advent of online-based platforms. Among those who are leaving their mark in the highly saturated entrepreneurial realm is Preston Buhrmaster, the strategic mind behind the NFT collection TOTALLY WASTED. Today, this budding powerhouse is not only out to demonstrate that he has what it takes to survive and thrive amid the competition, but he also proves that entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive to middle-aged authorities. 

Since he was young, Preston Buhrmaster has always been fascinated with the thought of securing the freedom and pride that comes with owning one’s own business. So it does not come as a surprise that he now stands at the helm of multiple ventures. He started by founding a business that could fund his hobbies, eventually discovering that he had a natural proclivity for starting and scaling companies. “My success at such a young age has fueled my passion to this day. I realized that I was capable of anything I put my mind to so long as I put in the necessary effort to make it happen,” shared the widely accomplished self-starter. 

Building and operating his own brand allowed Preston Buhrmaster to live the life he has always wanted, and despite the accomplishments that he has snagged under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down. The entrepreneur and investor, who is currently entering his senior year at Syracuse University and on his way to earning a degree in finance and economics, is credited not only for having launched numerous enterprises in the finance, technology, and fashion industries. He is also renowned as the founder and CEO of Venerated Capital Group, a private financial and investing advice company providing investment education services. 

Recently, Preston Buhrmaster joined forces with Michael Melvin and Oscar Tapiero, marrying their extensive and extensive experience as they dip their toes in the world of non-fungible tokens. Apart from building a portfolio of NFTs that focuses on digital horses in Zed Run, which is an online horse racing game that allows players to buy, sell, breed, and race digital horses, they are also spearheading an NFT horse racing stable—called Gold Bug Stages—dedicated to breeding and caring for high-value digital racehorses. 

His latest initiative is one that will hopefully cement his reputation in the field of cryptocurrency and NFTs even more solidly. Preston Buhrmaster is proud to announce the birth of TOTALLY WASTED, a collection of non-fungible tokens bearing a unique theme and endless possibilities of growth. Available on Open Sea, this brainchild of his is the product of hours of sketching, digitalizing, and editing. 

In the coming years, more can be expected from Preston Buhrmaster. On top of helping those under his wing achieve financial freedom by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to materialize their dreams, he is also set to launch more purpose-driven projects in the future.

Learn more about Preston Buhrmaster and TOTALLY WASTED by visiting its website.

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