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Promising Musician Johnnie Spencer On Using His God-Given Gift And Talents To Inspire People Around The World

For musicians of the past and present, various factors served as the fuel behind their drive to enter such a competitive field and make a name for themselves. Others are motivated by the desire to create a legacy for future generations to remember, while some push forward in pursuit of a passion. In the case of Johnnie Spencer, a promising talent who is currently rising through the ranks, one overarching mission has always guided his efforts: to serve as a vessel of God for the purpose of encouraging men, women, and children alike. 

Highly admired for his deep-seated faith and spiritual conviction, Johnnie is a singer, producer, and songwriter with much to bring to the table. Armed with a story that resonates with many others, he dipped his toes into the music scene with the intention of encouraging people from all walks of life. Amid a plethora of worldly artists, the multi-faceted figure has managed to stand out because of his purpose-driven and creative efforts, all of which are geared toward ministering to the hearts and minds of every spirit through the music the Lord inspires him with. 

“It is my mission to respect all people, reinforce the feeling of hope that’s been lost, and help reignite the faith that’s been missing among people who need encouragement, whether that encouragement comes from the music inspires me to make or through the encouraging content God inspires me to post on my social media,” said Johnnie. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with making music for the sake of delivering bops and beats to jam to, it is all the more impressive that Johnnie goes against the grain by being more intentional with his discography. Above anything else, he aims to utilize his artistry for a good cause and emerge as a beacon of hope to those who are socially, mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically, financially and or spiritually struggling. Furthermore, he wishes to shed light on the true nature of these challenges and emphasize that they are tools and a platform that people can utilize to become who they are meant to be.

“Adversity indeed has a way of pulling you from where you used to be and putting you where you need to be,” shared Johnnie. 

So far, the dedicated musician who is the voice behind “A New Beginning,” “I Lift My Hands To You,” “Worthy To Be Praised,” “Thinkin,” “New Jerusalem,” “Thank You,” and “God Will Cover You,” has piqued the interest and captured the attention of countless listeners not only because of his standout tracks, but also for the values that he stands for: peace, prosperity, and reform.

In the years to come, Johnnie plans to continue carving a path toward the forefront of the music scene and introduce a brand of artistry that places a heavy premium on God’s will. “Additionally, it is my prayer that, in some way, all men, women, and even children will tune in and receive the blessings of the Lord through the music. In the meantime, I will continue to hear from and write music accordingly as God gives it to me. Be well, be safe, and be blessed,” the highly inspirational artist added. 

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