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Qube Film Reinventing Video Production to Fit the Storytelling Age

In these times of social media platforms and the digital revolution, the way people consume content has evolved massively. Viewers now gravitate towards more authentic storytelling versus the overpolished feel of old-school advertising. Yet it’s surprising how so many brands haven’t caught up with this rising trend. Qube Film hopes to lead some of the largest corporations and even small businesses through the process of making that shift. 

Qube Film is a creative production company based in Vancouver, Canada, that puts a premium on using storytelling to capture people’s attention. Started by brothers Nima and Navid Soofi, the duo’s passion for great videos and captivating stories have turned them into some of the most sought-after filmmakers of their generation. Great stories are more than a selling point for the Soofi brothers—it’s a foundational core to everything they do. “Storytelling is a recipe,” they explained. “But without the right team behind it, it can be a recipe for disaster.”

Fortunately, Qube Film has more than enough experience and output to show that they are the A-team in documentary-style storytelling. With over fourteen years in the industry, the production house has become an international staple for some of the biggest companies for commercial shoots with a storytelling twist.

Company cofounder Nima Soofi has always been passionate about film. After winning the Zoom Film Festival when he was just in high school, he picked up a scholarship to attend Vancouver Film School for his degrees in film production and 3D animation and visual effects. He also has a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from Simon Fraser University. The other half of Qube Film, Navid, took a different path in college and studied Electrical Engineering. Still, he would take the filmmaking path after school and join Nima in opening Qube Film after graduating.

Today, Navid Soofi has over 65 titles on his IMDB profile while Nima works with over 40 brands internationally. Qube Film has established offices in Vancouver, New York City, and Miami. One of the most significant factors to the company’s success has been its obsessive focus on taking a documentary and storytelling approach to marketing and advertising practices, which perfectly fits the bill in these times as more consumers move to social media and digital platforms for their content. Many case studies show that taking a more advertorial approach to film and video yields more engagements and results.

Nima’s love for people, anthropology, and psychology also play a pivotal role in film direction. He uses those passions to help unearth unique and captivating storylines from people through their interviews. The filmmaker’s travel experience to over 40 countries has helped widen his perspective and bring a fresh outlook to all his outputs. Navid’s structured approach to film direction and production helps bring form and system to the video creation process. 

Through the shifting tides forced by a global pandemic, various cultural and social change movements, and the unending political divide, Qube Film hopes to guide brands and companies through the uncertainties by using media and stories to inspire and uplift their followers and stakeholders. To learn more about Qube Films and check out their work, visit its website, YouTube channel, and Instagram account.

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