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R. Parthiban Shakes the Indian Cinema and the Global Filmmaking Industry with Iravin Nizhal

Just when we thought that movies could not get any better, R. Parthiban recently released a film that is not only revolutionary but also legendary – something that would keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Iravin Nizhal is a non-linear single-shot film that has been regarded in the filmmaking industry as a first in the scene. It is written and directed by R. Parthiban, who has earned numerous accolades in the Indian filmmaking community while holding a stellar reputation on the global scene. Through his lens, R. Parthiban aims to help bring back the vigor of the Indian film scene and continue cementing it across the world.

Iravin Nizhal demonstrates a unique approach in filmmaking, in which the scenes are only shot at one time with no cuts. It is filmed through an enormous set with over 59 settings, 300 actors, 150 technicians, 50 years’ worth of time periods, and countless costume and makeup changes. After 90 days of diligent rehearsals, Iravin Nizhal is a beautifully choreographed film enmeshed into one single shot that has never been done in the industry worldwide – until now.

In a nutshell, Iravin Nizhal follows the life of the protagonist, Nandhu, played by director and writer R. Parthiban himself, who journeys through the struggles of his internal guilt while searching for his mortal enemy. The story is told in a non-linear way, leaving room for the audience to connect the dots and take pleasure in its plot.

Born from the creative mind of a world-renowned and award-winning filmmaker, it comes as no surprise that Iravin Nizhal is currently turning heads in the world of filmmaking. R. Parthiban is known as a New Wave filmmaker in the Indian filmmaking scene, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to an inherently competitive industry. To some who are not familiar with his reputation, R. Parthiban is the visionary behind some of the most critically-acclaimed films in India, such as Puthiya Paadhai (Road not Taken) and Housefull (Houseful). One of his recent films, Othta Seruppu Size 7 (Single Slipper Size 7), was highly recognized as the world’s first single-actor film that was written, produced, and directed by the actor of the movie himself. In 2019, Othta Seruppu Size 7 was bestowed with the prestigious Special Jury Award at the Indian National Film Awards.

Aside from R. Parthiban’s revolutionary approach and the film’s incredible crew and cast, Iravin Nizhal is also graced with A.R. Rahman’s award-winning musical skills. A.R. Rahman is the man behind the award-winning original score of 2008 Slumdog Millionaire, in which his music earned several accolades at the 81st Academy Awards. The “Mozart of Madras” in the Indian filmmaking scene is helping R. Parthiban breathe life into the latter’s vision with incredible execution.

In the ever-changing filmmaking landscape, filmmakers from all walks of life are often faced with the challenge of capturing the attention of their audience. Iravin Nizhal has successfully attained this tremendous feat by highlighting the magnificence of Indian cinema. As a result, this revolutionary movie is one of the few films submitted as an official entry to the 2022 Academy Awards.

For those who would like to indulge in R. Parthiban’s creative artistry, Iravin Nizhal is currently streaming on Prime Video.


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