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Raised Some Hell in Me: An Unfiltered Tribute by Pamela Hopkins

Raised Some Hell in Me: An Unfiltered Tribute by Pamela Hopkins
Photo Credit: Pamela Hopkins

By: Jerry Schmidt

From the thriving music scene of Little Rock, Arkansas, Pamela Hopkins has once again graced the airwaves with another spectacular single. Following the trail of five #1 international iTunes songs and staggering over 1.5 million Spotify streams, Hopkins proudly delivers her freshest chart-topper, “Raised Some Hell in Me,” poignantly dedicated to her father who passed away from cancer in late 2019.

Pamela Hopkins is no stranger to raw and genuine music. Renowned for her fearless refusal to confine herself within the parameters of genres, the singer-songwriter has solidified her status as an unstoppable musical force. Her latest single, “Raised Some Hell in Me,” proves no exception to this pattern. The track, produced by the inimitable Kenny Royster at Direct Image Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, is a testament to Hopkins’ versatility and burning commitment to authenticity.

Hopkins’ innovative streak shines through the bluntly emotional storytelling of “Raised Some Hell in Me.” In it, she paints a vivid picture of her upbringing under the influence of a father whose memory she fondly cherishes. This influence, as she puts it, is “rough around the edges.”

In Hopkins’ own words, “This is a story about me and my daddy. My dad was a little, for lack of a better word, ‘rough around the edges.’ I thought I would write a song about him and how he influenced me as a person, rough edges and all.” Indeed, the raw, resilient spirit of her father echoes throughout the lyrics of the song. The heartfelt lyrics paired with a tantalizing mix of blues-country and heavy rock vibes bring alive the love and loss, resilience and relatability, evoking a potent emotional resonance in listeners.

As the track unfolds, Hopkins’ voice ever the powerful instrument, takes the listener on an emotional journey. A testament to her commitment to authenticity, Hopkins threads her personal narratives into the musical fabric, ultimately crafting an anthem of grit and resilience. Here’s a glimpse into her powerfully raw lyricism:

“I grew up fighting, whooping ass, just like my dad/People wondered how such a good girl could learn to be so bad/I could walk the walk, I could talk the talk, I did it every day/I was just as tough as my old man, that’s what everybody’d say.”

“Raised Some Hell in Me” is a stellar testament to the unyielding, unapologetic personality that made Pamela Hopkins the artist she is today. Through her resonating emotions and gripping storytelling, she skillfully weaves a rich tapestry of life, loss, and love, emphasizing the father’s indelible mark on her personality and career.

In the rapidly changing landscape of music, Hopkins proves that authenticity still reigns supreme. Her latest work, “Raised Some Hell in Me,” continues to prove her prowess as a musical force, with a sound imparting a raw, bluesy twang and rooted in a sense of honest reality. As with her previous hits, Hopkins remains unfiltered and unapologetic, resonating with her growing legion of fans worldwide.

Through music and memory, “Raised Some Hell in Me” establishes Pamela Hopkins not just as a vocalist, but also a resonating storyteller continuing to make her mark on the world. This single is a powerful tribute to her late father and serves as a reminder of the enduring impact a parent can have on one’s life. After all, genuine music is born out of love, loss, and the resilience that forms us, the very elements that Pamela Hopkins skillfully embodies in her latest single.

For those interested in experiencing Pamela Hopkins’s raw emotion and authenticity in their full glory, “Raised Some Hell in Me” is available on all major music platforms. Don’t miss out on the moving journey of this audacious musical force. For more about this trailblazing artist, visit her website at

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