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Rampant Leads: Helping Small Business Owners Succeed Despite Big Competitors

The emergence of big companies has eclipsed small mom-and-pop shops anywhere in the world. But Army veteran and entrepreneur Ty Moore attests that the warm feeling of buying from small business owners will never be overshadowed. Rampant Leads helps small business owners keep their businesses alive and reach customers even amid the heavy competition. 

Rampant Leads is a digital marketing company that uses unique and efficient proprietary software that predictively generates leads. Founder and CEO Ty Moore wanted the company to be a reliable partner for small business owners. “I want people to get back into small business to enjoy the personal touch, the atmosphere, the love that these business owners put into their work,” said Ty.

Indeed, the feeling of purchasing from small businesses is distinct. The experience itself is empowering customers by knowing that every purchase is helping the entrepreneur behind the product or service. The personalized touch given by small business owners and the amount of dedication they pour into their passion is translated to how they treat each customer.

But managing a business is never easy. This motivated Ty Moore to build Rampant Leads in hopes of taking some weight off the entrepreneur’s shoulders by providing easy-to-implement solutions. “We don’t just dish out names and numbers; we are able to find people based on what they are already looking for,” said the founder. “We have different elements of our software that set us apart from others. We are able to monitor and clean up businesses’ online reputation,” added the CEO.

Customers use the digital space to leave reviews of the products and services they purchased. But small business owners may find it overwhelming to maintain business operations and simultaneously check and filter their reviews online. “A lot of small businesses are unaware that they even have a digital footprint or that people have left a review somewhere online, and those reviews could be unknowingly affecting their business. For example, real estate agents could have reviews online, and people have posted their experiences, and if they are negative, those reviews could have lost them a commission worth thousands of dollars,” said Ty Moore.

Rampant Leads came up with an innovative solution that enables small business owners to track their online reputation and allow them to intercept and handle each review. Furthermore, the platform could even serve as a marketing tool because of its ability to learn more about its competitors.

Rampant Leads also has a feature called “social listening.” It allows small business owners to get notified when a person searches for a particular product or service that they offer online. Social listening directs customers to business owners using advanced algorithms. 

Additionally, Rampant Leads also has a software that manages a business’ social media platforms and helps them plan and schedule content ahead of time. With the platform, business owners can create a year’s worth of content and help them remain consistent with their online visibility. 

“We develop custom strategies for specific business needs, we create the perfect eye-catching buzz-worthy content, we can control the online presence and monitor business and personal reputations, and we keep the owners in touch,” said Ty Moore. “But we also know our worth, and we only work with businesses that want to create partnerships and lasting relationships, so we are willing to walk away from unfit partners. A lot of companies would not do that because that is a financial loss. It’s more than just money for us.”

Rampant Leads aim to impact more small business owners across the country and expand their reach within the next five years. To learn more, visit its website.

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