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RBS Counseling & Educational Services Delivering Mental Health and Educational Services to Children and Families

Mental health care is one of the most overlooked aspects of life, and recent events have made it a necessity for families and children. LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts established RBS Counseling & Educational Services to meet these needs and make the world better. The mental health practice offers a program that provides a combination of mental health services, educational services, and life coaching services to children and families. 

RBS Counseling & Educational Services started after LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts noticed the achievement gaps and trauma within the school setting as a teacher and outpatient mental counselor. She then began with a program called “RBS Homework Lounge,” which provided students with a lounge to finish their homework assignments with staff, connect with their peers, enjoy music and receive snacks and drinks.

Being a mother of two herself, the founder of RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts, understands that the success of any children-focused program needs to be about things that interest children and align with their strengths. Describing the program, “There are a lot of hands-on activities and fun activities completed during each session that connects education and life coaching. The program provides education, life coaching, and trauma-informed care training to educators and human service providers,” LaDeidra described.

RBS Counseling & Educational Services offers an umbrella program that includes services that utilize face-to-face, phone, virtual websites and group sessions. The venture also has programs designed to give back to the community, such as back-to-school care events, mental health/wellness forums, and outreach beyond self-workshops, educational workshops, and other activities. LaDeidra aims to deliver a combination of mental health services, educational services and life coaching services to children and their families. “Since the pandemic, we have been accepting adults and couples for services.  I wanted to turn my passion, talents, and interest into a business venture to serve others. So, I decided to build my own brand when my mother passed away in February 2016,” LaDeidra revealed.

The motivation to establish RBS Counseling & Educational Services was born out of carrying on Richardean B. Stokes, LaDeidra mother’s legacy. She was known for helping the community, and LaDeidra wanted to carry on that legacy. As the mental health practice continues to make children and their families’ lives better, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts foresees RBS Counseling & Educational Services growing into more states where children, adults, couples and families can enjoy strength-based interventions.

RBS Counseling & Educational Services’ success since it was established can be attributed to LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts’ qualifications and skills. The mother of two is an entrepreneur, mental health counselor and children’s life coach. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate from Liberty University and a Master of Science degree in Human Services/Social & Community Services from Capella University with a Master of Social Work degree in view Capella University. In addition, she is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for the State of Florida.

With the lofty ambitions she has for RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LaDeidra wants her story and reasons for establishing the practice to resonate with people. “I want readers to believe in their craft. I want my story to inspire others to understand that you can turn your passion, talents, and interest into a business venture,” she said.

Learn more about RBS Counseling & Educational Services on the official website.

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