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Real Estate Experts Team Up and Form Florida Home Loans to Elevate the Experience of Their Clients

Acquiring a new home need not be a stressful experience for buyers by getting the right kind of help from real estate firms they can trust. When it comes to giving clients a meaningful and worry-free experience, Florida Home Loans is one of those leading in the industry. Prioritizing its clients’ comfort, confidence, and satisfaction is of utmost importance, and it is for these reasons that its founders, Eric Coleman and Jorge Magana, decided to put their efforts together to establish a trustworthy and highly effective company that meets the needs of their clients. 

With their team-up, families looking for a new home can remain confident that they are well-guided in making major decisions pertaining to their purchase. They can trust that they will get the best deals available in the market. 

The collaboration between Coleman and Magana proved to be a very strategic and promising move, as they are now enjoying more than 100 positive reviews on Google with a five-star rating. This will not only boost their collective image as real estate experts but it also adds value to the kind of work they do and validates their principles. Coleman and Magana have more than 18 years of combined experience in mortgage lending. They have the business acumen, expertise, ample knowledge, and skills to give their clients an exceptional experience. 

“Eric, Adrian, and the team did an incredible job. After going back and forth with other lenders for months, we were so lucky to connect with Florida Home Loans,” client Tyler Edwards shared. “After submitting our application, they had us lined up with a refinance at an incredible rate the very same day, and we were cleared to close in just ten days! I should have called Florida Home Loans from the start.”

“I’ve done many home purchases and refinancing. FHL was by far the best to work with. Prompt, attentive, thorough, and pleasant during the entire process,” client Bob Rodgers shared in his Google review. “Everything was straightforward and as promised, with no late curve balls or surprises to worry about. Highly recommended!”

Florida Home Loans is the perfect partnership between Coleman and Magana. Combining their strengths opens multiple possibilities in their future together. The company believes in the importance of giving each business transaction a personal touch. It also puts a high premium on simplifying the process for the benefit of the clients. Coleman and Magana both specialize in product knowledge, operations, marketing, and establishing a strong community presence, making them one of the most promising real estate partners in the industry today. 

“Every day, we work as a team to bring the same level of satisfaction to every client. With a history of working with first-responders, we love the self-sacrifice they demonstrate on a daily basis, and we love to help them achieve their home financing goals,” Coleman revealed.

With the Coleman and Magana partnership redefining real estate experiences for many clients today, there is no doubt that Florida Home Loans will become the standard for many firms in the industry in the future. 

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