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Recording Artist Tra-V the Shoota Releases Newest Single Called “Heart for Granted”

Tra-V the Shoota is a musical artist who has been writing songs since he was eleven. Following the footsteps of his musical idols and making his mark on the music industry has been his long-time goal. Tra-V the Shoota has been hard at work in growing his music career, and recently he came out with his latest single, “Heart for Granted.” The artist proudly shares this new song with the world, hoping to invite new fans to listen to his music and support his artistic growth.

Tra-V the Shoota was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, he already had a deep passion for music. He recalled, “When we were kids, my sister and I used to make music next to the speaker. We would play instrumentals we downloaded off the internet and then recorded ourselves singing and rapping over the music. We used voice memos to create our songs long before we ever recorded in an actual studio.”

From childhood dreams comes the artist’s reality. Since those childhood afternoons of creating songs with his sister for fun, Tra-V the Shoota started to pursue music professionally. He had the privilege of working with several mainstream artists on different aspects of songwriting, producing, and performing. “It was such an honor to work with and learn from my industry peers. They taught me that I had a gift to share with the world. These professionals and fellow artists supported me and helped me get to where I am today with my career and my team,” the recording artist shared.

Earlier this year, Tra-V the Shoota released his latest single, “Heart for Granted.” The song centers around heartbreak and moving past the pain of that experience. The artist explained, “the story behind ‘Heart for Granted’ is about giving your love to someone special, but they take you and your love for granted. It’s when you accept that they don’t feel the same way or love you on the same level. Of course, that hurts, but we need to stay positive and move forward.” The song hits hard emotionally, but Tra-V the Shoota believes that it can provide comfort for his listeners who are going through heartbreak. “I like to make my listeners feel like they can get through whatever they are going through at the time when they listen to my songs,” he said.

Tra-V the Shoota dreamed of becoming a professional artist since he was a child, and now he is achieving his dreams one career milestone at a time. Tra-V the Shoota has been playing live events, but he plans to do more shows in the future. “My goal for the next six months is to reach a bigger audience and welcome new listeners. Playing more live shows will definitely help me with that specific goal,” the artist explained. 

Like any rising artist, Tra-V the Shoota wants to achieve great things with his career. “I want to rock out with my band with a big production and travel the world to play my music. I also want to meet the artists that inspired me to make music, like 50Cent, Post Malone, Avril Lavigne, Oliver Tree, Andre 300, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. I see big things coming for my music career, and I am ready for all of it.”

Tra-V the Shoota’s latest single, “Heart for Granted,” is available on streaming services, and the music video for this song is also available on Youtube. Tra-V the Shoota has this advice for all dreamers: “Dreams do come true. So don’t give up and stay focused on your goals; you will get everything you worked hard for one day.”

You can listen to his new song “Heart for Granted” on Spotify.

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