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Redefining Real Estate: How Jennifer Greene’s Empathic Approach is Changing the Landscape

Redefining Real Estate: How Jennifer Greene's Empathic Approach is Changing the Landscape
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Real estate has always been a profitable venture for investors and entrepreneurs alike. The industry appears glitzy in public perception, yet newbies quickly learn it has many intricacies to navigate through that they were unaware of when they first decided to dive in. This is where Jennifer Greene shines as a ray of hope in the realm of real estate investment. With a rich background in criminology and trauma support, her commitment to helping individuals transcends beyond numbers and figures. With a holistic approach to real estate that is deeply rooted in honesty, integrity, and compassion, Greene has carved a niche in the male-dominated industry. 

Jennifer Greene is a reputed name in real estate as the Managing Partner and Coach at “Great Deals First” and “Property Haus Partners”. Great Deals First is a groundbreaking educational platform offering a new perspective on real estate investments based on genuine relationship-building skills and a problem-solving approach. Property Haus Partners is a wholesale and flipping venture.                                                                                                    

Backed by nearly six years of experience in real estate, Greene is unveiling better ways to invest rather than traditional methods of cold calling, texting, and bandit signs. She realized over the years that these traditional methods might be effective but are incredibly demanding. The success rate of cracking a deal compared to effort is quite low. For instance, a single “Yes” can come after 99 “No’s.” Contrary to this, her alternative approach is more result-oriented and less exhausting. 

It all started when Greene wanted to figure out a different way for her company to invest. In her journey to revolutionize the investment approach in real estate, she started building genuine relationships which eventually added value to her referral partners. This approach proved to be a game-changer which she is now sharing through her platform of “Great Deals First.” 

Greene’s power of resilience is not only evident in her quest for a fresh approach to transforming investments but also through her real-life experiences. In 2017, he husband Dan was laid off without any notice after working for 17 years. This became a wake-up call for her to bring economic stability to her family. While Dan restarted his career with a contract job, Greene dedicated herself to building a solid career in real estate. After 6 years, the couple is working together, redefining investment methods in real estate. 

In an industry that is known for repeated rejections, Greene emphasizes the power of persistence. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in criminology, Greene quickly developed the essential skills required to generate growth opportunities in this industry. She believes her work as a coach is a reflection of her passion to help others succeed amidst all adversities. 

Apart from Great Deals First, Greene has played a crucial role in scaling up Property Haus Partners. The venture is committed to building a valuable network within the industry and practicing core values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. According to Greene, chasing money as success cannot yield long-term results, instead the focus should be on the right approach and success will naturally follow. 

Greene’s efforts and contributions to revive the old methodologies in real estate have been recognized by many accolades. She was awarded the “Empowered Woman of the Year” by the International Association Of Top Professionals in 2023. Greene was listed among the Top Real Estate Investment Executives by IAOTP in 2022 and was a finalist for the BBB Spark Award in the same year. In 2021, she received the Loyalty 24/7/365 Award from the JT Foxx Organization and was named “Rookie of the Year” by REI Blueprint in 2019. 

Following the trail of success, she has more ambitious goals for the Future. Greene envisions “Property Haus Partners” as the most recommended Real Estate Investment firm in the Midwest. She will continue her journey with the power of innovation and compassion to stand out as one of the inspiring and most forward-thinking women in the current real estate investment space.

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