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Reducing Inflammation Might Just Be the Most Important Step on Your Journey Back to Health

Dedicated to creating ingredients that merge nature and science, mend™ is educating people on how the reduction of inflammation is one solution that can help with a multitude of medical issues at any age. 

Research has shown that chronic inflammation is associated with increased risk for a number of medical issues, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and even some bowel conditions such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. 

To understand how reducing inflammation can contribute to your overall health and well-being, you must first recognize the science behind it. There are two types of inflammation – healthy and unhealthy. It is the body’s response to injury and actually provides relief as the body heals. When inflammation doesn’t subside, however, it becomes chronic – which leads to the all-too-familiar aches, stiffness, and other lingering health conditions. In addition to resulting from injury, inflammation can come from aging or even certain foods that you eat. But whatever the cause, unhealthy inflammation can be managed – and now it can be done naturally.

One company taking up the fight against inflammation is mend™, a life sciences and biotechnology company offering nature-powered products that provide groundbreaking ways to maintain your daily health by reducing inflammation and helping to accelerate the healing process. Perform, one of the premier mend™ products is comprised of a blend of natural ingredients. All of the nutrients were selected based on the science and evidence supporting their efficacy in relieving chronic inflammation. In a recent consumer use study, 80% of respondents noted reduced joint swelling and increased motion* after 30 days of daily use, and nearly the same percentage reported that they experienced less discomfort after physical activity. In addition, two-thirds of the study participants reduced their use of OTC pain medications.

Fighting inflammation and encouraging healing are also particularly important after surgery. Post-surgery and throughout the recovery process, a patient always requires more nutrients due to many factors, such as stress, fatigue, muscle loss, and the greater metabolic demand on the body to repair damaged tissues. Unfortunately, as many people prepare for surgery, they are unaware of their need to optimize nutrition, with up to 60% of pre-surgical patients diagnosed as being undernourished. Mend™ has developed targeted nutrition solutions to promote better surgery prep, healing, and recovery. A number of top surgeons recommend the mend™ patented formulas, which they strongly believe can improve their patients’ outcomes. 

Fighting inflammation is not the only problem to tackle with essential nutrients. As people age, they naturally lose 3-5% of muscle every decade, impacting their strength and energy levels. One vital way to combat this age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, is to fuel your body on a daily basis with the appropriate nutrients.  

Check out the full line of mend™ science-based, clinical nutrition products at to kickstart your healthy daily living.

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