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RekMed Designs Planners that Facilitate Learning for Medical Professionals and Students

For a growing number of people, the start of a new year also marks the start of using a new planner. This is true not only because old planners with last year’s dates are instantly obsolete, but also because more people recognize the value of structure and organization that planners provide. RekMed is designing patent-pending high-quality educational planners for a community that needs it the most: the medical community and future medical professionals.

Jennifer Grooms, BSN-RN, is the founder of RekMed. Before launching the company, Grooms worked as an emergency department nurse. She started RekMed to provide the medical community with educational planners that assist them with organization and learning. Drawing from her experiences as a former student and professional, she also designed the planners to give back to future medical professionals by equipping students with better tools.

RekMed stands in direct contrast to other brands that provide “just another planner.” Medical professionals, nurses, and nursing students will find that RekMed medical activity planners are made specifically to help them learn. In RekMed planners, the overwhelming information is broken down and simplified. These resources also include real nursing perspectives and insights. The planners became such an instant hit that the company achieved seven figures in sales within the year of its launch.

Throughout her life, company founder Jennifer Grooms struggled with dyslexia. Her condition caused significant test anxiety, and Grooms needed to use medication to help her calm down. As a student, Grooms had to take her classes alone in a private room to help her anxiety. A few people even told her in nursing school that she would never pass the nursing board exam. However, she passed it on her first take and later became a trauma nurse for eight years, with 14 years of experience in the emergency department.

During her time in the emergency room, Grooms realized that it did not matter how complicated the information is for the learner. Learners can improve if they recognize the importance of the information presented and processed. Even with her dyslexia, Grooms learned what she needed to learn and helped others understand challenging concepts by breaking them down into more manageable bits of info. This realization served as the foundation of RekMed.

RekMed launched not long after COVID-19 started to escalate into a global pandemic. Around the time, Grooms took what she initially thought was a small leave due to her severe asthma. The time off allowed her to start and grow her business. Only three months after starting her leave, RekMed already achieved $500,000 in sales. Grooms knew she was onto something and resigned from the hospital. Moving forward, Jennifer Grooms intends to continue her role as a CEO. However, the emergency room continues to call her name, and she plans to return to the ER so she can remain up to date with the medical community.

In addition to nursing planners, RekMed will also release planners carefully designed for vet techs, critical care nurses, paramedics, and dental professionals.

To learn more about RekMed, visit the company website.

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