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Rene Andre Ebelle Strives to Create More Mental Health Awareness Through Fashion Brand Four Seasons

In the past couple of decades, medical studies have made significant breakthroughs that have helped people improve their lives. While most of these breakthroughs are physically beneficial, mental health has also been given greater attention, especially in the past ten years. With more people growing aware of the importance of mental health, the world has started to work towards a brighter future, paving the way for a more unified community.

Despite more voices calling for more awareness of mental health issues, the message has not entirely gotten through to society. To help the movement, several establishments across multiple industries have joined the cause to emphasize the importance of mental health. Participating in the awareness for mental health is the fashion establishment, the Four Seasons Brand.

Four Seasons is a company that was developed by a young and ambitious team that sought to promote the acceptance of time and seasons. The founders wanted to find the perfect balance between ethics and high fashion. Four Seasons is driven by craftsmanship and stays exclusive with limited releases, and no restocks. 

The brand’s goal is to use a percentage of its quarterly profit to help with mental illness research. Through sustainable fashion, Four Seasons promotes the art of treating life as time and seasons by adjusting to different circumstances of life. “Life is just like the season. Every season is one of becoming, but not always blooming,” explained the developers about their story. “Be gracious with your ever-evolving self.”

Although there are many other brands across the fashion industry with the same mission, Four Seasons manages to set itself apart with its modern streetwear designs. Through the years, streetwear has evolved from works of art that celebrated individuality and identity into a platform where violence, sex, and rebellion are being promoted. The brand founders believe that fashion wear belongs to the fashion industry, which is classified as a branch of the art industry and decided to express their love of art and fashion to a dedicated cause – mental health.

Rene Andre Ebelle, the founder of Four Seasons, wanted to create a brand that resonated with himself. During his upbringing as a child of divorce, he grew up with resentment at a young age that led to severe depression. At eleven, he started self-harming to the point where he almost lost his life.

“In Africa where I’m originally from, men are supposed to be designed and in control of their emotions, the reason why depression was perceived as me seeking attention,” said the Four Seasons founder. “My childhood was far from being a fairy tale. I had to accept my reality, acknowledge my demons, understand the season I was going through, and most importantly, move on to a better mental place. Now I can proudly say that I have a better acceptance of time and seasons. Just like the seasons, life changes, and we are supposed to accommodate them. After the cold winter comes spring and, even better, summer. Fashion is the best way I express myself. I decided to voice my life story through my clothing brand.”

Rene Ebelle hopes to transform Four Season as one of the most vocal brands in the fashion industry and bring society’s attention to mental health among women, children, and men.

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