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Renowned Artist and Cultural Activist Lachi Unveils Captivating Sci-Fi Thriller “Death Tango” — A Tale of Resilience and Smarts set in a Eerily Utopian Future

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New York, NY — Lachi, the internationally-acclaimed recording artist, touring performer, writer, and award-winning cultural activist, has once again pushed the boundaries of storytelling with her latest masterpiece, “Death Tango.” This electrifying sci-fi thriller, enriched with elements of horror, promises readers an enthralling journey through a Utopian future. And while AI is systemically infused, the indomitable human spirit thrives against all odds.

Lachi’s public life has been dedicated to amplifying narratives on identity pride, Disability Culture and neurodivergent acceptance. As a legally blind daughter of African immigrants, she has risen above major challenges and become a leading voice for inclusivity in music, pop culture and corporate America. Through her organization RAMPD, Lachi has championed increased accessibility to the GRAMMY Awards and opened doors for music professionals with all forms of  disability. Her influence extends beyond music, as she hosted a PBS American Masters segment highlighting disabled rebels and released songs like “Lift Me Up” that has elevated disability and difference to pop radio. Billboard recognizes her as a “new champion in advocacy,” and her unapologetic celebration of intersectionality has garnered attention from Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America, and the New York Times.

At the heart of Lachi’s latest work, “Death Tango,” lies a gripping sci-fi narrative that follows a group of young mis-matched coeds on a quest to solve the murder of a celebrated alchemist. Set in a Utopian twenty-third-century New York, where corporate entities have replaced governments and AI governs every aspect of life, the story paints a vivid picture of a future where citizens are free to people-watch one another through an app, creating an intriguing backdrop for a murder mystery.

As Lachi explains, “I wrote a weird little horror sci-fi with atypical heroes, relatable villains and irreverent anachronisms. I call it a Utopian Horror. I set it in our literal future—the future we’re creating—where we exchange privacy for convenience, where AI replaces human experience, where we’re jaded to natural disasters. Our utopia. And it’s an already fleshed-out horror prompt.”

One of the defining strengths of Lachi’s work is her ability to craft characters with diverse backgrounds and dynamic histories. Drawing from her own experiences as a small-town shy kid who overcame significant odds, Lachi weaves a narrative that resonates with readers at all walks of life. Her characters, often small-towners confronting monumental challenges in fantastical settings, reflect the real-world struggles faced by many, especially those with neurodivergence, disabilities, and their own harried histories.

Lachi emphasizes, “Neurodivergence, deafness, disability, and mental health conditions are natural traits our characters live with while navigating the supernatural.”

Death Tango is a thought-provoking blend of science fiction, thrilling suspense, and cinematic horror. It caters to sci-fi enthusiasts, music-lovers, readers looking to scratch the horror itch and readers with disabilities and who are blind, as Lachi’s unique perspective enriches the narrative with a deep exploration of disability and its integral role in shaping the story’s dynamic characters.

The book’s exploration of post-traumatic stress triggers, coping with the loneliness of utopia, and delving into spiritual forces beyond death adds layers of depth to the narrative, making it an unforgettable and impactful read.

Reflecting on her creative process, Lachi shares her heartfelt journey in crafting Death Tango. “I started dreaming up this book when I was eight, daydreaming about my characters, love triangles, and blue blood when unable to see the board in class. These daydreams were my escape from a bully-ridden, misunderstood childhood. As I started to build confidence in my identities throughout 2016 onward, I no longer needed the escape and out-poured a slice of my everlong reverie onto the page. Just like my music, this world and these characters were there for me, my sanctuary, and I’m grateful to it in a way that is difficult to articulate.”

Death Tango is now available for purchase on Lachi’s website and Running Wild Publishing. Embrace the power of diversity, immerse yourself in a world of resilience, and join Lachi on an extraordinary journey through “Death Tango.”

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